Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Run Prague - Getting Ready

We Run Prague 10k ... my test race before the Berlin marathon! The race is in more than two weeks from now, but the race number = Nike tshirt pick up already started and I was curious how it looks so we picked it up in one of the first days. That's more the mental prep and I am now thinking which shorts or running skirt will fit the tshirt the best :)

Then there is the actual training: the speed intervals with The Coach came down to 14 x 300 m, I was struggling a bit last week, but smashed it this week. My times are more or less 1 second faster than what Garmin says, because I give a sign to the coach when I am at the 300 m mark and after that I stop my watch... 1 second might not seem as much, but trust me, it is hell of a lot! I was so excited to smash the last rep as the fastest one at 1:03,5 according to The Coach :) We'll se on August 31 where can I push myself right now... One step at the time :)

This is more contra training :) I attended a wine & meat degustation last night. The photo bellow is very poor and doesn't make justice to the deliciousness of the meat! I only had approx total of two glasses of wine which is very little for a degustation, but I still felt it a little bit in the morning... How does your training level and clean eating influence your tolerance to alcohol??? I used to tolerate especially wine very well - hey, I lived in France!!!, but now I have to be super cautious and hardly drink any nowadays. 


  1. :) tak to se uvidime! Delam spolecnost synovi, ktery se silene zlepsil a ted cerstve po ultra mam strach, ze mu nebudu stacit:)...

    Drzim palce, jak tady, tak v Berline! At se osobaky tresou! MSF! 12:)

    1. Jupí, tak to se těším :) Když se zapojí rodina, tak to je super, u mě teda pořád běhá akorát Bourbon a ten se bohužel na WRP přihlásit nemůže :D

      Tak ať to běhá!!! Snad konečně dáme nějaký ten Prokopák? :)