Sunday, September 22, 2013

Running on Matcha!

As you might have seen on my Facebook page or Instagram, I have a great news! I officially have a partner to help me with my hydration, antioxidants and zen healthy being: Matcha Tea! I am beyond excited step by step getting surrounded by people who trust in my hard work and dedication and want to help be on my way towards better running and faster marathon times. Along the way I hope to inspire people around me and also anybody I don't know yet, but who want to make their lives little healthier, cleaner, happier :)

I will definitely write more about Matcha Tea as my Matcha journey continues, so far I have been loving it all the summer using it as a base for my low calorie isotonic drink: matcha tea + lemon + salt (for electrolytes). Simple as that and it has been working pretty amazing for both running and golfing :)

Anyway, just the 10 basics about Match according to their website:
  1. Matcha is 100 % green tea that is ground in very fine powder. There is no fermentation involved during the production process, no coloring, no additives or conservatives.
  2. Matcha is full of unique and powerful antioxidants known as catechins. Up to 60 % of the catechins come in the form of catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) with huge cancer fighting capabilities.
  3. One portion of Matcha tea has same nutritional values as 10 cups of regular green tea. When drinking the "regular" tea not all the health related benefits of the tea plant can be fully used. 
  4. Two portions of Matcha tea each day will provide you with all the necessary antioxidants for your body. (check out the nutritional values - in Czech only)
  5. Matcha helps to calm you mind, increases concentration and memory and boosts your mood thanks to the content of the L-Theanine aminoacid. The Buddhist monks have been drinking Matcha for hundreds of years as a helpful tool for meditation. The combination of L-Theanine and theofyline can create the state of calm yet alert mind that lasts for several hours.
  6. Matcha is ideal for people suffering with diabetes as it stops glucose creation in your blood stream. The catechins that are part of Matcha can actually block the enzymes that tranform all the complex nutrients into glucose.
  7. Matcha helps burning your food as much as 4 times faster than usual. According to the study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition regular Matcha consumption can increase the calorie burning process known as thermogenesis from regular 8 - 10 % up to 35 - 43 %. According to the Muscle & Fitness magazine Matcha helps to burn body fat and it is recommended to consume Matcha during physical activity.
  8. Because the leaves of tea plants dedicated for Matcha are grown in shade, they are way greener than usual as they contain higher doses of chlorophyll than "regular" green tea. 
  9. Matcha helps to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol. Matcha does not contain any sugar, only fiber.
  10. Matcha has strong detoxifying effect due to the high chlorophyll concentration. The chlorophyll helps to eliminate heavy metals and other chemicals from your body.
A bonus: I stumbled upon this Matcha recipe book at the matchasource website :)

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