Monday, October 07, 2013

Nike Winter Flashes

Not too much writing so we can get straight to the photos :) Nike introduced today the new products and materials for the winter collection of 2013 / 2014. It is a part of a Designblok and Fashionweek event, so you can check out the exposition from Tuesday October 8 until Sunday October 13. It is actually pretty amazing and there are lot of other interesting things to see. Unfortunately I had to rush back to work, so I din't see the rest, only ran through it.

The main attraction of the show were probably the jerseys for the Czech national ice hockey team, but I preferred the running section way more :D You can see all the reflective gear how it lightens up with just using the iPhone camera flash. Pretty cool? So I really DO NEED the Nike Flash Jacket, I just don't know where to get money for it ... Hmmm, bummer, I guess my xmas list is getting really long and cannot see many non-running items on it :)

Apart from that, today morning was another easy run slightly over 5 miles and I enjoyed it so much! I am having fun with the off season no training plan time and am really exited to start working hard again.

What are you running plans this week?

Any tips for my running wish list for xmas? :D

Photos from the press conference / event:

... the famous national ice hockey jersey :D

New Nike Aeroflot running vest keeps your chest and core warm, but vents on the back. If it gets warmer, you can fold it in your pocket. How cool is that? You cannot see it on the photo but they are really feather like super light.

These cuties are way more interesting for me!!!
It has been improved from the previous models so it stretches now...

The reflective prints are really fun!

And some official photos ... Check out how Allyson Felix and Ashton Eaton are rocking these outfits!!!

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  1. jackets are amazing! I love everything reflective!!! :)