Saturday, November 02, 2013

Being a Proud "Mom"

Warning: this post is not really running related (although there is a great Training Log tool as a part of eVito online portal :D ). Now that you are warned, what is on my mind? I had the best end of a work week yesterday, I am very proud "mom" of our almost three year old project eVito! Because yesterday evening, we got featured in the main news at one of the four major TV stations ... YAYYYY! Of course they cannot say the name of the product / service, but you could have seen the logo on the mobile app, PC screen etc. I am beyond excited! What is more, the reason why we got featured is, because we are bringing a powerful tool of home care for people with diabetes - we can help them. Of course, we are normal commercial business aiming for profit, but it feels really great if your work has a meaning and can help quite lot of people :o) I am really grateful for doing a job I love and here I can connect my professional skills with my love for sports, nutrition and healthy living.

Here is the link to the video ... we are mentioned in the main 3 headlines at the beginning of the news and then you can jump to 11:30 :o) I'm just excited... (the video is in Czech only...).

Well, I will add two print screens from the training log, so it is at least a bit running related :D

Detail of my easy tempo yesterday eveing.

Weekly overview in the training log.

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