Thursday, January 09, 2014

Unbelievable Happened

First of all, let me wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 20114!!! Let it be a year full of health, striving, setting and fulfilling dreams, gratefulness and happiness :)

Photo from my New Year's run at 6:45 am at the hotel gym, I felt so excited doing the thing I love first thing after getting up in the new year of 2014! (I couldn't sleep - needed to get that extra wine out of my system :) ).

I will come back later with the recap of 2013. A lot moved I great direction in my life and especially in my running!!! I was already fully plunged into my training for Prague International Marathon 2014 for the last two months of 2013... But what I have to mention here quick and now is my session yesterday with The Coach. He had planned out 3x (500 m + 200 m) interval speed work for me. First the paces were off and I proved my dad's blood running in my veins proving The Coach that he probably does not want me to run the 500 m faster than the 200 m :))) Anyway, after two weeks of lot of trainng but generally only volume and some hills, I wasn't able to run that fast for 500 m anyway :)

But then the unimaginable happened: I finished the third interval and I felt like wanting more!!! You have to understand this: I am what Craig McMillan calls endurance monster. I can swallow miles and miles, but the speed work is always super tough for me. It is truth that 3 reps are funny in comparison to 12 or 16 that I do as the races come closer, but anyway. First time in the 2 and half years we have been working together with The Coach I asked for MORE speed work than he had planned for me. And it went great! I crushed the 4th 500 m little faster than the previous 3. I don't want to brag, it is still damn snail pace, but I am really excited.

Today's message: my dear friends, don't be afraid of wanting MORE and striving for your BEST possible self!


  1. Hodne stesti .. obecne i na zavodech! at se dari! 12:)

    1. Děkuju moc Honzo! I Tobě ať se daří! :) Ať to běhá a číslíčka se skládají, jak mají :)