Sunday, February 02, 2014

Weekend Madness

Well it took me whole week to finish this post I started writing last Monday. This is about the last weekend that was "kind of crazy". But the good kind of crazy, even though I would love to have at least one day of recovery :)

Chia seed pudding with banana seems to become my pre-long run / pre-race staple! I have been experimenting with this and I like that you can easily make it yourself anywhere!

First on the Saturday's program was 10 km race that I took as a part of my training. No taper, no tune up... Pre-race morning my legs were super sore from 3 days of pretty tough running workouts. So as I said, coming from 150 km week, I was happy with result. Not much time to recover, before I headed to check on the build up of the Olympic parc at Letná here in Prague. And off to meet up with the girls for a new experience of Bikram Yoga!

The experience of Bikram Yoga was pretty intentse as you can read in my previous post.

Afterwards, I was quite hungry so dinner first and running fashion show afterwards to try out all the outfits for Sunday's photo shoot.

I was able to put in another 5 miles (8 km) to round up my mileage for the day. That suprised even myself, the yoga was really intense.

Sunday started with pilates and spinning with the girls in Pardubice and afterwards the main event of photo shoot. I decided I need to freshen up this blog, so asked my great friend Jitka Sečková to do some photos for me and got some nice pieces from the Nike Running Spring 2014 collection! Jitka's husband was assisting us - lot of fun. As well as Gabča - thanks for the backstage photos!

Refuel after the freezing photoshoot.

19 mile / 30 km run in the evening!

And of course proper refuel :)

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