Friday, March 14, 2014

Dreams ... NYC Marathon 2014

There are two things I want to talk about here: dream big and don't be afraid to "chase" = fulfill your dreams. Thanks to my mental coach I had the great opportunity to meet Věra Čáslavská Olympic champion in gymnastics (7x gold, 4x silver!!!)! This amazing and inspiring lady signed her book for us and when I asked her for what she would suggest for me to help me achieve my marathon dreams, she wrote this: Weak is only the one who's will is weak, small is only the one who's dreams are small. It is actually a quote by the Czech author Svatopluk Čech. And she said it always helped her to keep on going, training and achieving her best.

The Czech society is still learning not to be ashamed about ambitious dreams and especially about sharing them and saring the achievements. Unfortunately, historically there has been lot of jealousy and watching what others do and how are they doing. There is a saying: I don't mind that my goat died, the most important is that two of my neighbor's goats died. That pretty much speaks for itself. But I can see the twist and positive changes, even though it will take time.

So this is my invitation and encouragement to not being afraid about dreaming big and to living your own life according to yourself and not to others! I am fulfilling my dreams this year by truly committing to my marathon training. I am writing this on a plane to Portugal where I go for my holiday and my holiday consists of two week running camp - first time ever. I will have to do quite a lot of work stuff, but this is actually first time when my running is the main thing. The main purpose and not a little thing I would do here and there when the busy vacation schedule allows it. 

I realized it already this past weekend when we went to Paris with my dad. One or two years ago I would take my running gear with me, but out of three days I would actually do one or two short runs just for the pleasure of running through a city I love on the same places where I used to run at the university. Now everything is different for me, the first thing I do when I thing about the next day is to check my training plan and then plan my day around it. So on the long weekend in Paris I spent about 2 hours or little more everyday running to put in my miles and get my training done. It was great that my dad took the Velib (rent bike) on Sunday and joined me for my long run - that was lot of fun and I truly enjoyed it.

Support system

Having a strong support system helps a ton in this. One thing my mental coach taught me is that by sharing my goals and dreams actually helps people around you to understand where are you going and what is the purpose of your actions. And honestly this really helps. My friends and family start to understand that sometimes I don't have time to spend that much time with them and be that much of fun. As they show the understanding they help me to stay committed because when I influence their schedules and programs then I don't want to waste the sacrifice they did for me. Like so many people cross their fingers for me, support me, try to help me, so I won't quit this workout just because it feels little harder than it should. This is what makes me jump on the treadmill at 11:30 pm after landing to finish the last 5 miles of my daily mileage. I am truly extremely grateful for my support system that consists of my family, friends and also lot of friends and runners I know many times only virtually throug blogging, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. THANK YOU!!!

NYC Marathon 2014

This is the thing of longer flights - you finally have time to share the thoughts you wanted to share for quite some time :) Finally I am getting to the second dream I am going for this year = NYC Marathon 2014. NYC was my first half marathon in 2009 and first full marathon in 2011. New York is also the place where I actually started running in 2009. As my schedule for 2015 will be quite given by searching for the optimal fall race to get in really fast time, I decided to reward the tough work this autumn by doing NYC again. I have applied for the lottery but if that does not work out, I am definitely joining the race through one of the charity programs. This way running NYC would have one more positive impact.

Dream your dream! Come with me to NYC!

I know that NYC has been on radar for quite a few of my friends. I have completed the rraces me have a sound support system in the City as I used to live there. Here I am setting up the project NYC 2014. If you want to join the group and come to NYC to run or to cheer, please let me know as we will be renting a appartment and we need to plan out everything qute soon. This is gonna be fun!!!

IMPORTANT: There are only 5 days left to sign up for the NYC marathon lottery - you have to do that by March 18! Go ahead to the official site in order to sign up for the lottery.

Inspiration to dream big

Check out the super inspiring interview with Ariana Hilborn at Runner Academy. She went from 4:36:58 everyday runner first marathon to 2:37:28 elite runner in just 3 years!!! Another proof this can be done! :)


  1. Just live Your dreams....

  2. Je mi líto Báro, že se na objevily i negativní komentáře k tvému snu a moc nechápu, proč to tak je. Držím ti pěsti a pokud nebudeš mít zdravotní problémy, věřím, že to dokážeš.

    1. Moniko díky moc za podporu! Negativní komentáře byly a budou, některé z nich jsou k věci a chápu je, některé jsou prostě jenom negativní a těmi se nemíním nechat rozhodit :) Uvidíme, jak se mi bude dařit, já pro to každopádně udělám maximum :)

  3. Dear Bara,

    I do not remember I would have ever written a comment to somebody`s blog. This time however I feel that there is a missing point both in the discussion below your interview for, as well as in the reactions of other bloggers and your own in this post. There are too many emotions, too many dreams…
    I do not believe it was a surprise for you that so many negative reactions appeared after the interview, it is kind of understandable. Even though, most of the criticism was just rationalizing the low chance that you may succeed in reaching your goal. Thus are they really negative? And truly I do not believe that ignoring them is just as simple as the question of the dead goats of your neighbors…
    I have to admit that I found myself also little infuriated after heaving read the interview… and was wondering why. Thinking about it for couple of days, I guess I came to the point and that is the reason why I am writing this comment. I`ve been running for more than 13 years. During this relatively long period I virtually more than encircled the Earth along the equator, run many marathons, dealt with some injuries, gave birth to a child and got several running, but also life, lectures, which all (and this indeed is my genuine experience) strongly deny having dreams and all the commitment and all the hard work to live them, reach them, get something which does not exist instead of something which is right at hand…
    I do agree with you that in this little country people are taught to stay behind, to rather waste their talent than do something with that, that ambition is almost a crime. On the other hand I find the idea of “being-everything-you-wish-to-be and doing-everything-you-wish-to-do just as long as you want enough, work hard enough, sacrifice enough” being nothing else than a lie. I believe that we are only human beings that are very limited and fragile and any attempt to change that would in the end become harmful for us.
    There are two different things, of course there are talented people that do what they are good at (and I rather do not dare to judge whether this is your case), but there are also insane dreamers who spend so much afford to become somebody else, and are frustrated if reality is different.
    This is actually my point. I guess that worshiping dreams, our own power to get everything we want, if we want it enough, may be dangerous. Sometimes, when you admit yourself that you are just mean, you may feel a huge relieve.
    I`m afraid that I cannot 100 % express what I feel. Maybe it is very difficult to find the exact boundary between making our abilities and hidden talents become reality and between the mad striving of a turtle in a chase with Achilles (without the little help of mathematical ideology…)

    I do hope you`ll stay healthy, which is the most most most important thing if you want to enjoy daily runs.



    1. One of the best comments I ever read!!!
      Although I support Barborka and I wish her only the best outcomes... I felt that her "dream" is somewhat too specific:)...
      I am an older man and I am get to use to have "wide" dreams..:).. To run till the very end.. To run legendary ultras. To enjoy it.. regardless of the my PB.. Certainly, even my dreams could be consider as a pure non-sense.. I love them and I am willing to work hard enough and to-do-as-much-as-I-can to .. make them to come true..:)
      But the difference from "wide" and "narrow" dreams is obvious.. Wide dreams are related to a way.. to a life attitude.. and they can lead to a great feeling even in the case of a "failure" :).
      Good luck Barborka! But think a bit wider:)... 12:)

    2. Dear Jana, Dear Honza,

      thank you both for your comments and support, I think I understand what you mean. I would like to state one important thing: I didn't go to Bě and ask them to write about my dream. I was approached by Bě in order to write about my systematic preparation, approach that might differ from majority of the Czech endurance scene given my non-running youth background. Journalists search for sensations, Radek has known about my dream for over a year and wanted to write about it way earlier, I didn't want to. I finally agreed and was ready for the negative comments. I didn't want to lie, I was honest with my answers and I am not sorry for that. I don't ignore the comments, I know that there are many to the point, but lot of the people just want to argue... I love to engage with my readers here and appreciate every single comment!

      I know it is a long shot and that Tokyo is probably more realistic. I also know that if I don't see improvements, there will be moment to stop and turn another way. I love to inspire people towards healthy living, active lives and finding their way to love what they are doing and stay healthy with it. This is what I will stick to even after the marathon dreams come or don't come true. Unfortunately, this was not the topic of the interview as it might not be that "interesting" and "sensational".

      I hope you can understand now little more :)

      Have a great running weekend! B.