Monday, March 31, 2014

Paris Runaround

I have drafted this post by uploading photos from my phone but seem not to be able to get to finish it. Life is little scary when you have been 2+ weeks away. I was online and I was working from the camp, but still, things pile up... So this is gonna be more photos than words. Well when I spent weekend in Paris with my dad few weeks ago, I did not expect to be back that soon! But we are working on a big international project, I am responsible for it and the kick off meeting happened to be in Paris on the day I was supposed to fly from Portugal back to Prague. Thanks to the modern era, within 30 minutes I had new tickets, called up friends if I can crush on their couch and everything was ready to rock'n'roll :)

I arrived at 11 pm, but luckily the meeting was not until 2 pm, so I managed to run around Montmartre and up to the Sacre Coeur church and by up, I mean straight up these stairs - absolute frontal attack for those who have been there :) I event went in to light up a candle! Then some more running around to make it for super easy 4 miler and back to computer at my friends' apartment. Worked on my emails and off for the meeting.

Not a bad shot for iPhone photography, hm?

One of the less famous "moulins" = wind mills.

Especially for my dear friend Gabi, thanks to buying Kusmi Tea for her as a gift, I fell in love with them as well ...

... only thought they were nice pricey gifts, but they truly taste amazin, so this time I treated myself to their "Zen collection". And yes these boxes are expectionally cool!

After the meeting it was time for drinks and dinner. I decided the day in Paris to be my treat day. We went to a restaurant La Parizienne at the nice litle square called Place du Marché Saint-Honoré in the center of Paris. Very yummy :) By 10 pm we were all tired and headed back home. Morning was sleeping in, packing up my stuff and another conference call, continued even in the cab (do you know the great service of Uber??? ... check out the link and you can get 20 eur off your first ride!)

Steak tartare parisien ... yummy, the french fries and mayonnaise are must have!

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  1. Vcerajsem si na Tebe vzpomela. Kumis caje maji u Potten&Pannen na Ujezde.. kdybys nekdy chtela parizskou vzpominku v Praze :-)