Monday, May 26, 2014

I am Universal(wo)man!

The last weekend (the one that was a week ago - I am surely late with my post) was kind of crazy! I have 10 days off after the Prague Marathon (yes, the race recap is still pending). It actually started with the fun run / race at the golf course in Hostivař on Thursday evening (2,8 km hard...). Friday morning I was leaving just after 7 am to represent eVito at the Czech Corporate Sport Games. 

Very happy about the Questbar delivery as they saved me from starving several times :) Breakfast on the go...

Friday was actually team building games! Lot of fun with out mixed team with Filip Ospaly (one of the best world Ironman athletes!!!), Olda Vlasák (vice-chairman of the European Parliament - go vote for him!!!) and Jana, Monika was taking the picture.

The climbing was lot of fun, especially flying down :)

With Gabriela Soukalova - biathlon Olympic medallist from Sochi!

Filip had his birthday day before :)

We were lucky with the weather on Friday, but Saturday was raining and raining some more with about 7 degrees Celsius! Ufff, 5 hours in pouring rain in a golf course? And they called the tournament Healthy Golf :D I only had like 15 minutes to warm up ithe shower and change in the running clothes to get totally soaked upon the Universalman race.

Universalman consists of 1 km run, 30 push ups and 30 squats, you repeat this beautiful combo 6 times and add 100 m sprint at the end. Beautiful!!! Took me over 40 minutes, the two ladies ahead were from the biathlon national team - I can live with that :) And I finished 10th overall :)

Representing eVito!

First among the athletes from Corporate games - even the guys! Hmmm, boys you were CHICKED!

Third phase of the training was the dancing party in the evening - to get the lactate moving out of my muscles :))) 

And then there was Sunday. I had breakfast in Liberec, said bye bye to all the great old and new firends and was on my way home. Just in time for very quick change to head to my first ever track competition! (Or first ever as an adult :) ). As I had to sign up with an athletic club to compete in Prague Maratahon in the Czech marathon nationals, the club also asked me to compete in the "league". Ha ha, I told them that marathoner is not exactly a speedy track star :) I met for the first time with the team, all the girls were great (A.C. Sparta Praha). I ran 5 000 m and 1 500 m. It was actually my first ever official 5 km race, so my PB is 20:51.38. Very happy with that as I had the Universalman under my belt the day before and a week after marathon.

I love these Nike spikes my dad brought me from USA :) Powered on Matcha and Questbar ... calfs protected with Royal Bay :D

I felt maxed out, so I drove directly to the gym to go to the relax zone.

And I deserved unlimited Running Sushi to refuel!!! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Girls Getting Spoiled

Don't worry, the race recap will come, but first some fun and lot of photos :) just a quick note, I scored 7+ min personal best in the Prague International Marathon on Sunday and am very happy with the result. This post is about getting spoiled - spoiling myself, getting spoiled and spoiling other people :) Because after training for a marathon for 12+ weeks and finally running the race, every runner deserves lot of treats, recovery and no-rules time!

Quick snapshots from the race day: running around 25th km, after race massage, engraved medal and first post race meal :)

Post race meal no. 2: ultimate bunless burger with fries and mayo at TGI's and a cosmopolitan. See, I also need a treat meal!!!

Monday evening was easy 3 mile run on a gym treadmill, followed by sauna and hot stone deep tissue massage. My reward to my body for the hard work :)

This is very unexpected treat!!! Nike sent me a reward for my result - any Nike ID shoes of my choice! (Nike ID are many selected styles that you can configure totally by yourself, including your own ID / sign) well I would destroy a pair of running shoes too quick, so I chose the iconic AirMax for casual wear. The Coach and my physio don't like when I wear heels, so this is almost like high heels in Nike version :D

Treating myself with additional workout - got a new couch delivered - the packaging was little dirty and it was only the delivery guy and me bringing it to our house. I prefer running marathons than moving :)))

The result is totally worth it. It was supposed to be delivered before the marathon, but I didn't want to risk any muscle / back problems caused by the moving. Very clever decision! So no it is part of my post marathon treats :)

And a celebration dinner with my dad - the big platter was for two and I have to admit, that I finished like two thirds of the meat ... Wooops!

And now my favorite part! I met in person with Michaela, the Nike Free giveaway winner and her husband and daughter. It is really great meeting the people you only know through blogging, Instagram etc. in real life, especially because you already know you have so much in common. Thank you Nike for giving me the opportunity to make Míša happy :)

Check back soon because there are more giveaways lining up :)

Tell me how do you treat yourself after your races???

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Minute Thoughts

Why even bother to set up an alarm on a race day, if I wake up 45 minutes earlier anyway? :D I won't go in the detail about how long it took me to fall asleep :) But that's all part of the business and I got plenty of sleep during the week, that's what counts :)

All is set. Did my little pre race tune up yesterday. Even went without my dogs, so I can concentrate better. I will need to watch my pace not to go out too fast :) Followed by little natural carb reload...

... and Compex action (it is the overcompensation program) ...

Some more relax and sushi for lunch. 

Walked around in these Nike Free Run 3.0 (the one on the right). Super comfy shoe for pre marathon walking. Can't wait to try it for running!

There was also a long afternoon nap... Followed by prepping my gear and eating some more :)

Now I am ready to use all those months of hard work and rock this race!

Have a great race everybody!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pre-marathon Time

It is Thursday evening and my spring marathon is on Sunday, if you have any experience with running endurance races and tapering, you can imagine in what kind of shape I am right now :) I am pretty excited to run on Sunday, yet the resting schedule is little tough on nerves. Here are past few days mainly in pictures with some words thrown in here and there. 

Many things I cannot do and would love to. One of them was the Universalman event that my mental coach organized last Sunday. Pretty interesting race: you do this 6 times: 1 km run, 30 push ups, 30 squats and at the end you do a 100 m sprint :) Not a good idea a week before marathon, so I came just to support and cheer on. Bellow is my coach (on the left) interviewing Filip Ospalý, great professional triathlete just before the start.

When you have to drive for two hours in the week before marathon, then use compression gear. It looks little strange with the fancy shoes I was wearing, but I only had this styling while in car :))) Royal Bay Extreme calf sleeves rock!!! (Check out the discount code here.

That was on Tuesday, also known as May XMas day as you might have seen in the previous post. My dad got back from trip to NYC and I got little spoiled :)

Wednesday was the last session with The Coach. 4x 400 m to get little lactate in my legs. It was pouring down all the time, so I hope I have soaked in all the rain available and there won't be this crazy weather on Sunday!

Today (Thursday) is bank holiday here in the Czech Republic. It is good in a way that there is less stress from work before the race. But the extra time also gives the opportunity to stress little more about the race. My favorite way to deal with extra time in the taper period is to watch motivational videos, here are few links from my YouTube channel this week:

I also re-read the great RW article about Meb Keflezighi's preparation. I think Meb has become the ultimate inspiration. Latest issue of RW in my iPad on the reading list. I also wrote an article (in Czech only) for the series about my preparation for Bě And now I am watching the Players (PGA golf tournament), that is pretty good distraciton, except I have to switch it off before it ends and go to sleep :)

I also got some new Nike gear today. The Nike Air Max - classic icone to wear for casual walking around. I am not much of a sneaker girl, but they are very useful in pre-race time when I don't want to torture my feet with fancy shoes :) And new Nike Pro bra in bigger size, so my spine does not get blocked in the chest area.

Very enjoyable afternoon, wearing casual sporty fashion and taking my little cousin for a walk with the dogs (she loves them = for her I am the best baby sitter, because she gets to be with the dogs :D ).

Aren't they cute? :)

And compex capilarization program to tune up my muscles for the race!

The carb loading also officialy began! :o)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Barefoot Running in Portugal

I think this is my first vide blog post. I was "cleaning" my phone and stumbled upon this video I took during the running camp in Portugal. Better late than never right? So here it is!

When you want to take on the barefoot running, just remember to start with tiny distances and use the barefoot running more as a rehab tool and cross training. I have to admit, that walking / running barefoot time to time helped me to resolve some of the feet issues I used to have. But I would never do majority of my runs barefoot. Just a mile here and there.

Also be careful about the surfaces you run on. Beach is beautiful, but the sand might be little too hard on your feet. I actually got one blister on the bottom of my big toe after this run, because I wanted to go little longer (= 3 miles).

Oh I miss Portugal and being at the training camp! Now the hard stuff is done, taper madness is coming :)

10 days to go!