Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Girls Getting Spoiled

Don't worry, the race recap will come, but first some fun and lot of photos :) just a quick note, I scored 7+ min personal best in the Prague International Marathon on Sunday and am very happy with the result. This post is about getting spoiled - spoiling myself, getting spoiled and spoiling other people :) Because after training for a marathon for 12+ weeks and finally running the race, every runner deserves lot of treats, recovery and no-rules time!

Quick snapshots from the race day: running around 25th km, after race massage, engraved medal and first post race meal :)

Post race meal no. 2: ultimate bunless burger with fries and mayo at TGI's and a cosmopolitan. See, I also need a treat meal!!!

Monday evening was easy 3 mile run on a gym treadmill, followed by sauna and hot stone deep tissue massage. My reward to my body for the hard work :)

This is very unexpected treat!!! Nike sent me a reward for my result - any Nike ID shoes of my choice! (Nike ID are many selected styles that you can configure totally by yourself, including your own ID / sign) well I would destroy a pair of running shoes too quick, so I chose the iconic AirMax for casual wear. The Coach and my physio don't like when I wear heels, so this is almost like high heels in Nike version :D

Treating myself with additional workout - got a new couch delivered - the packaging was little dirty and it was only the delivery guy and me bringing it to our house. I prefer running marathons than moving :)))

The result is totally worth it. It was supposed to be delivered before the marathon, but I didn't want to risk any muscle / back problems caused by the moving. Very clever decision! So no it is part of my post marathon treats :)

And a celebration dinner with my dad - the big platter was for two and I have to admit, that I finished like two thirds of the meat ... Wooops!

And now my favorite part! I met in person with Michaela, the Nike Free giveaway winner and her husband and daughter. It is really great meeting the people you only know through blogging, Instagram etc. in real life, especially because you already know you have so much in common. Thank you Nike for giving me the opportunity to make Míša happy :)

Check back soon because there are more giveaways lining up :)

Tell me how do you treat yourself after your races???


  1. Gratuluji k NikeID - je to super pocit běžet v botech, které jsou vyrobene jen pro tebe :)) a majitelce nových freecek přejí hodně spokojenych kilometru :) a chvalim Nike jak hezky se stara o své ambasadory a jejich followers :D :))

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  3. Hi, it's always nice to see improved PR at it's time to celebrate.

    But I still wonder what would be your race report and future plans. With all those changes since Berlin shaved off only 7 minutes? Another like 35 are there and each one would be harder and harder to remove from your PR in next two years. Any ideas, where are your reserves still? What can be changed or improved to get some breakthrough?

    Wish you a good luck, and take care. ;-)