Monday, May 26, 2014

I am Universal(wo)man!

The last weekend (the one that was a week ago - I am surely late with my post) was kind of crazy! I have 10 days off after the Prague Marathon (yes, the race recap is still pending). It actually started with the fun run / race at the golf course in Hostivař on Thursday evening (2,8 km hard...). Friday morning I was leaving just after 7 am to represent eVito at the Czech Corporate Sport Games. 

Very happy about the Questbar delivery as they saved me from starving several times :) Breakfast on the go...

Friday was actually team building games! Lot of fun with out mixed team with Filip Ospaly (one of the best world Ironman athletes!!!), Olda Vlasák (vice-chairman of the European Parliament - go vote for him!!!) and Jana, Monika was taking the picture.

The climbing was lot of fun, especially flying down :)

With Gabriela Soukalova - biathlon Olympic medallist from Sochi!

Filip had his birthday day before :)

We were lucky with the weather on Friday, but Saturday was raining and raining some more with about 7 degrees Celsius! Ufff, 5 hours in pouring rain in a golf course? And they called the tournament Healthy Golf :D I only had like 15 minutes to warm up ithe shower and change in the running clothes to get totally soaked upon the Universalman race.

Universalman consists of 1 km run, 30 push ups and 30 squats, you repeat this beautiful combo 6 times and add 100 m sprint at the end. Beautiful!!! Took me over 40 minutes, the two ladies ahead were from the biathlon national team - I can live with that :) And I finished 10th overall :)

Representing eVito!

First among the athletes from Corporate games - even the guys! Hmmm, boys you were CHICKED!

Third phase of the training was the dancing party in the evening - to get the lactate moving out of my muscles :))) 

And then there was Sunday. I had breakfast in Liberec, said bye bye to all the great old and new firends and was on my way home. Just in time for very quick change to head to my first ever track competition! (Or first ever as an adult :) ). As I had to sign up with an athletic club to compete in Prague Maratahon in the Czech marathon nationals, the club also asked me to compete in the "league". Ha ha, I told them that marathoner is not exactly a speedy track star :) I met for the first time with the team, all the girls were great (A.C. Sparta Praha). I ran 5 000 m and 1 500 m. It was actually my first ever official 5 km race, so my PB is 20:51.38. Very happy with that as I had the Universalman under my belt the day before and a week after marathon.

I love these Nike spikes my dad brought me from USA :) Powered on Matcha and Questbar ... calfs protected with Royal Bay :D

I felt maxed out, so I drove directly to the gym to go to the relax zone.

And I deserved unlimited Running Sushi to refuel!!! :)


  1. Lidé často jednají, jako by měli spousty času. Ty tedy rozhodně ne. Jen tak dál holka :)

  2. Úžasné Barborka, kde berieš toľko energie?
    P.S. Zabudla si si urobiť update PB na maratón! Alebo ešte počkáš do ďaľšieho štartu a potom si rovno zapíšeš ešte lepší? :)
    Nech Ti to behá!