Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Minute Thoughts

Why even bother to set up an alarm on a race day, if I wake up 45 minutes earlier anyway? :D I won't go in the detail about how long it took me to fall asleep :) But that's all part of the business and I got plenty of sleep during the week, that's what counts :)

All is set. Did my little pre race tune up yesterday. Even went without my dogs, so I can concentrate better. I will need to watch my pace not to go out too fast :) Followed by little natural carb reload...

... and Compex action (it is the overcompensation program) ...

Some more relax and sushi for lunch. 

Walked around in these Nike Free Run 3.0 (the one on the right). Super comfy shoe for pre marathon walking. Can't wait to try it for running!

There was also a long afternoon nap... Followed by prepping my gear and eating some more :)

Now I am ready to use all those months of hard work and rock this race!

Have a great race everybody!!!


  1. Úprimná gratulácia k super výkonu a PB!