Monday, June 09, 2014

Busy Weekends, Even Busier Weeks

I back in full marathon training, getting ready for the autumn marathon that happens to be Chicago! Exactly 4 months to go since last Thursday - the race is October 12, 2014. This translates to higher mileage = more time spent training = more fatigue = more need to sleep = less time for anything else including blogging. Please excuse my absence! So here is more of a photo post with some short comments about past two weeks.

Weekend June 7-8

On Saturday I was invited by our business partner to do a mountain bike race "Kolo pro život" (Bike for life). Of course I signed up for the longest "marathon" distance of 55 km, I am anendurance athlete (who biked last time 2 years ago if I don't count few spinning sessions...). 

Let me just tell you that it was tough, it took me almost four and half hours, but I finished. I guess that my bike being called grandpa might have something to do with that as well. As I thought it was gonna take less time, I also underestimated fueling, so had to dig deep I the second loop. It feels good though to push my body in an unknown direction. Might cost me extra $$$ as I am thinking about upgrading my poor old bike :D 

... just after finshing, I couldn't even force a smile...

... yet I recovered enough to complete the body weight functional training of June challenge from "Holky ve formě" blog. Outside in the garden this time :) Push up selfie :)))

Rewarded myself with veal burgers and grilled veggies.

Sunday was back to running ... 8+something km of local race with patronage of great friend Olda Vlasák. I was 2nd female most of the race, but got chicked just few hundred meters before finish, the final kick just wasn't in me :( It was super hot, luckily the race was in a nice forrest most of the time.

Last meters...

Great performance by the top girls, I am grateful for any podium finish :)))

With Olda Vlasák ... Won beer for grandpa :)

Delicious lunch at Golf Club Hradec Kralove.

And busy week in pictures:

June 10, Lucie (famous Czech group coming back after 10 years) in concert!!! What a night!

Unfortunately, 4:30 am wake-up call after the concer to fly for a business meeting in Poland.

Luckily the running epidemic spreads in our company, so we went for a run with my boss/friend after the meetings :) Best way to explore any city is running!

Zig-zagging through Warsaw :)

We rewarded ourselves with delicious dinner - two colored gazpacho and super yummy salad!

And I got my new conference table delivered on Thursday! I now have another glimpse of my favorite city at home :)

Oh and I spoiled myself little more - finally got a powerful blender. Expect to see lot of smoothies and nut butters :)

Weekend June 14-15

Last Saturday was yet another race - 10 km in Hradec Kralove... I won the entry fee in Royal Bay FB contest, so ran in their colors :) Glad to meet Olympic marathon athlete Ivana Srkyrova again! And little push up / Universalman show with my mental coach Jirka Kasty :)

Off to a great birthday garden party in the afternoon ... Well I was really hungry as you can see when I remembered to take a photo :)

My mom found my inline skates that were missing for 4 years, so I can use them for cross training :)

Meal prepping ... Did grain free granola according to Against All Grain recipe :)

Super YUMMY ... I would say even addictive :)

More meal prepping...

And post long run recovery...

And back to high volume training means back to Compexing!

I hope to post soon about what followed this past week :)


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    1. Jj, moooc se mi líbí a ani nebyl tak drahej :) Mám tu New York doma :)

  2. Barborka, chválim Ťa za parádnu foto-dokumentáciu!

  3. Barborko, držím Ti palce, ať dál vše jde , jak by jsi si představovala !

    1. Děkuju moc! Doufám, že se uvidíme dneska ve Stromovce :) A když ne, tak příští víkend v Miřejovicích!!! :D