Friday, June 27, 2014

I Am Very Tired

Nope, I am not superwoman nor robot or machine that can go on endlessly... I already wrote it in the previous post, getting back in full training makes you tired. I love having back the regime as the taper time is always madness and very nervous :) On the other hand I have to admit that it is quite enjoyable to have time for other activities. Now it is back to business time = back to running. Cutting down on social activities and emphasizing things like rest, recovery and sleep. And of course I work 5 days a week.

When you are on a roll, you tend to think you are unbreakable. Don't be mistaken, your body will tell you when you push too much. Luckily, I know my body much better and can catch such a moment relatively early after working for 3 years with The Coach (he is like third parent for me now :) love and respect him so much, even though I might not always do the things his way at first :D). We will have our 3 year anniversary in July :)))

5 days of intense effort and speed session with The Coach the 6th day? Oooh my God, 400 m times 5 s slower than last week... Made me wanna cry. So I am taking 3 easy days now so I can push hard soon again :) Three days easy = one day of total rest and weekend will be super easy runs of 60-75 mins. Well, I realized my last day off training was May 28, so it was about time to pull back and recover... My dream is BIG and as I want to fulfill, running has always come first. Including rest time, recovery and ME time to deal with training but also work related stress.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Few photos about what also made me tired...
Going back and forth to Ostrava to see some great world track & field athletes including Alison Felix!

Played 9 holes of golf and scored 2nd

Raced trail mountain race where I came in first female and won these beautiful herbs for my cooking :)

Cracked coconut for first time in my life :) (do you LOVE my pink tools as I love it?)

Fueled properly... Introducing some safe starches to improve my nutrient balance according to Perfect Health Diet (great book BTW!)

Raced on track past Sunday - 3 000 m and 1 500 m ... Turns out it is much tougher after 100+ km week

Had to share this beautiful post workout breakfast

Last bit is this Wednesday's race... 10 km, 5th day in a row of hard efforts. 9 km I was suffering because of un digested sweet potato. I do promise I will never ever eat that close to race / hard workout. I am glad I did not give up and was able to race hard the last kilometer!


  1. Sometimes it's wiser to take time off and to listen to your body which is the best coach ever. Btw, could you post a recipe of that deliciously looking banana-meat-rice food? Veronika

    1. Definitely! Thank you for your support! And sorry for the late reply... For the recipe, it is just a normal chicken stir-fry (put chicken in a pan, add any veggies you like - here bell peppers), for the bananas, cut in half and then again in half on the long side, fry for high heat on a coconut oil :) Super yummy!