Sunday, June 01, 2014

Week & Weekend Wrap Up

I hope you entered the summer month of June in a great way! And as we are fully gearing into the summer, great bloggers & runners, girls at Holky ve formě have a June bikini challenge for you! Let's go and crush it together :) 

Lot of photos in this post, some comments with them. This week started not in the great way with me having a 38.3 °C fever Tuesday night and spending Wednesday with a big effort to get rid of the flue as fast as it came. With a help of The Coach and lot of natural vitamins and immunity boosters, the mission was successfully accomplished!

Butch helping with healing sleep, lots of fruits and organic chicken broth with garlic.

Those IKEA ice cream makers are great to keep your extra broth in your freezer in nicely sized portions :) Meal prep is the key! Fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

And has registration open for two autumn races in Plzeň and Brno. I'm doing my daily 30 squats + 30 push ups again!

On the bright side, I got some exciting gear to test our for you! Bose and Monster sport earphones!

Scoring the Monster earphones at work when I need to tune in and block out outside noises.

And finally there came the weekend! I woke up quite early on Saturday, but took it easy and enjoyed my morning, started to read a book, did some meal prep. And look what I found in our garden... beautiful roses!

Then I was off for a short drive to attend the Maminy Cup (Moms' Cup), all day event for active moms and their kids where I was one of the ambassadors. The weather was great and so was the company!

Meet my new great firend - Katka Emmons, she is a newbie runner, but she is one of the world's best shooters as she has several olympic medals! And what is more, she is really sweet and nice and lot of fun!

Because people who love burgers are always great :) Big girls eat burgers, big boys drink coffee :D :D :D

Photo courtesy - check the FB album.

I participated in 5 km race that was part of the program. There was 5 km and 10 km, The Coach told me I should only run easy this weekend. Knowing myself and the fact that it is very hard for me not to race when I have a race number on my chest, I chose 5 km as it ment the intense effort for shorter time. I set off in the lead, there was approx 500 m loop around athletic stadium and we were 3 or 4 in the lead. After the initial loop we were two in the lead - both named Bára which was fun with people cheering us up. 

I did not check the watch at all, neither did I have a heart rate monitor. I wanted to take it as easy as possible. But Bára was very solid competition, so she didn't let me. We were running shouler on shoulder up until about 2 km and I could hear Bára starting to breath more heavily. Remembered what I read in the biographies of the big marathoners during this winter. I tried to push and peeled off. My surge was successfull and I was shortly in the lead alone. It was fun first time ever having the leading bike ahead of me clearing the path in the park. I did not look back once and was pretty sure that there was little probability for being caught up. Well I did not really slow down, but the pace did not feel super hard. What a surprise when I finished at 21:11.46!!! Well the course was definitely about 100-150 m shorter, but nice result anyway for the effort I felt :) Thanks to Bára for pushing me :)))

And to round up the day, we had delicious dinner with my dad as it was his birthday on Saturday! Happy birthday daddy!!! :)

We played a birthday game of golf with my dad on Sunday. I did not play well, but it was beautiful day we spent together!

Came home and after a nap it was time for the scheduled 10 km run. I took advantage of testing the Bose earphones = having my iPhone with me = being able to take pictures on a run. Listened to a Runner Academy podcast with Matt Fitzgerald talking about Diet Cults as he just published a book of this name. Interesting!!! Can't wait to read the book.

Best running buddies ever!!! Butch & Bourbon

It's pretty challenging to document earphones on a selfie :D

Do you have plans for Tuesday night? There will be a training run followed by a debate with me on Tuesday at the Prague's Running Mall!!! Come to have some fun running together :)

Good night and have a great week everyone!

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  1. I admire your energy and determination. It's admirable. Hold on. Cheers Savrukj.