Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alpe Di Siusi Running Park ... Keep Getting Lost

One of the reasons I chose Alpe Di Siusi was the fact that it actually has a feature called "Running Park" ... means it is really suitable for running and I am not the first person having the idea of doing the altitude training camp here. Actually, the resort has been known for Kenyan runners coming here when they are for summer in Europe.

Upon arriving I got my nice Running Park booklet with a map that you can take out and take with you on your runs. There is also detailed info about each track including altitude profile, highest and lowest point etc. The first morning I set out on an easy run. Turns out that the idea of nicely marked tracks is really nice ... as an idea. I am really glad I have some sense for orientation, but anyway, I was not able to follow any of the tracks perfectly :D At some points the arrows actually point in totally opposite direction than you are supposed to go!

So these past two days I ended up running some meaningless loops over fields, running through muddy parts of pastures and through a little mountain steam (only one shoe wet :) ). Finally yesterday  I ended up running down to a different valley than I was supposed to. That one was little tricky, 2nd run of the day, tired legs, 14 km planned, I knew that there would be some serious climbing just before the end. Well, I was happy, that I bought Salomon hydration backpack, had my water, jacket and money. I got back to the point, from where the steep climb back was, with little over 10 miles (16 km) under my belt, luckily I was there in time to catch the last bus coming to my hotel :) The Italians simply "forgot" one marker for a left turn ... wooops :) (I planned to do this track, but missed the left turn at about the half way point)

Note to self: in such an environment, it is very good to have your mobile phone, some cash and extra clothing with you :) And don't trust the signs entirely, double check with the map! I think I might include some photos and guide for future need...

Good morning cows :)

After running through the stream and getting back to marked trail ... self timer selfie :)

Good morning some more cows.

Oh I am always starving after the morning run, making sure to refill my protein with 3-4 eggs :)

On the Monday afternoon run, before I missed the left turn and ended up one valley too far :)

Beautiful view on the way back from the extra valley.

Thank God for that Salomon trail running backpack :)

Apart from getting lost, I really enjoy running here. I tend to wake up super early (6-6:30 am which I consider super early for vacation time) and the morning runs are the best, I only meet one or two runners and few cars of local people. Virtually every run here, even the "easy" marked runs here include much more hills than I am used to back home. I hope this will show up on my performance when I come back home!


  1. oh, I was lost on Sutr last year and run 22km (originaly 18km loop). :)))

    I have no orientation in my mind.. so I have to run with mobile/cash/jacket all the time.. :)

    1. :) I have to run Sutr as well, it's just "behind my house", yet I never find time to do it :( Important is that you found your way! :)))