Monday, August 25, 2014

Beautiful Dolomites ... It Is Not All About Running

As you might have guessed from my Instagram and Facebook, my dad was visiting for the weekend. And it fell great with the middle of my training camp as my body asked for some break and relax. It rained most of the day on Saturday, so we made a trip to Bolzano, but nothing super exciting there, except for an original Sacher Wien shop!!! Who would guess it in relatively small town in Italy? :D Afternoon was a nap and the sun came out when we woke up and went to sauna ... it's so cool to have all those facilities available :)

Sunday, I did an easy pre-breakfast run and then we were off for a little hike. We drove the local bus to Saltria (10 min ride) where we have set Williams Hütte as the goal of our trip. I kind of pushed dad in not taking the chair lift, but walking up the hill. It turned out be 800 m of elevation, very proud for the achievement, I am sure, dad did not like my idea at many moments on the way up. On the other hand, the views were breathtaking as you can see...

... the little path actually goes right trough the pastures, you just need to watch your steps :D

Panorama of the ski-slope we were hiking up with the "Schlern" (or Sciliar in Italian - the typical rock in the far left center)

Those mountains were much closer and yes there is fresh snow on the tops from the rainy day before!!!

... spotting mushrooms ...

... and beautiful flowers ...

We chose the harder way (not the lift you can see in the back of picture) and we managed to get to the same spot :)

Another view down the slope on the Alpe di Siusi area.

More snowy rocks...

We are finally up! - 2 100 m above sea level!

Posing with the Schlern :)

Williams Hütte on the top of the hill :)

I really love the view on the rocks and how much green there is all around here, much different from Austria for example.

There was a Sunday mass going on in this little church we passed on the way down.

Back in the valley for local lunch :)

Well this is not that much in accordance with my marathon nutrition, but it was Sunday - treat day, right? :)))


  1. Goodness, what was going on in that little churche?!

    1. Wooops, misspelled :D Church mass of course! No messy sins :D Thanks for pointing out :)

  2. Replies
    1. Dík moc! Na živo je to ještě lepší :)

  3. Krásne!
    Barborka Ty si tam inak úplne sama?
    Pripravujú sa tam teraz aj nejakí iní bežci?

    1. Díky Miro! Jo, jo, jsem tu sama, občas nějakého běžce potkám, ale s nikým jsem se do kupy nedala :) Prý sem v červnu/červenci jezdí Keňani, tak to příště asi zkusím v tom červenci (navíc v srpnu je tu ta nejdražší sezóna, protože celá Itálie má dovolenou...).