Sunday, August 31, 2014

Discovering Dolomites ... Thursday Superhike

With little delay because of travel and We Run Prague 10 km race, here comes a post full of photos from our crazy 6 hour hike on Thursday with my mom in Alpe di Siusi (Dolomites, Italy). We did not have exact plan and ended up doing a looooot of walking :) With the beautiful weather it was perfect!

We drove by bus to Saltria (actually drop in elevation - down to 1 690 m above sea level) from where we did not take the lift to Williams Hütte as most people do, but we walked up to the 2 100 m.

Many beautiful unknown flowers / herbs (for me unknown, I don't know flowers at all!).

Matcha porn ... with the local dominant the Schlern / Sciliar (the rock on the left) in the bacground

This is how my Nike FuelBand measured the whole hike :)

From the Williams Hütte we were off to more very steep hiking towards Plattkofelhütte (2 300 m).

Apparently, in Italy even horses take siesta!

Plattkofelhütte just in time for lunch :)

I have been hydrating with my nuun as champ in order to prevent cramps and refill on electrolytes :)

I had light lunch of beef broth and this salad with grilled goat cheese ... YUM!

Leaving Plattkofelhütte...

... I made new best friend :)

... I also wanted to do some push up challenge performance next to the relaxing cows ...

... but the horses would disturb the cows ... they were following us all the way to the end of their pasture as they are apparently used to being treated with some yummy food from walkers :)

Push up challenge succesful attempt :)


View to the other side of the mountain edge we walked back in the direction of Compatsch (where we were staying). Little did we know how long the walk was gonna be :)

This is next to the Tierser Alpl "Refuge" at 2 440 m altitude - our maximum of the day was 2 490 m!!!

View back on where we came from with my attempt to show you the different places discribed here.

At the top of the world with my mom :) Well at least almost at the top of Alpe di Siusi. What a day!!!

We came back to the hotel at 6 pm and although I knew I had plenty of endurance training for the day, I still wanted to work a little on my strength / speed. So before getting all tired and hungry, I ate half a banana and bit of almond butter to push off the hunger and set out to quick hill sprint session. Sometimes I dread going for such intervals and I was amazed about how much I liked it and had fun doing it. I did not wait for my HR to drop significantly in order to keep the session more intense. There was also strength training involved after coming back to the hotel.

I did not watch the splits on the watch, I just tried to push more and more and not drop speed ... so happy with this workout!

For some reason my heart rate would not go over 170ish at the altitude. Here is the Garmin file.

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