Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Day At The Summer Training Camp

Can you guess I am really excited for my second ever running training camp happening right now? :) My first was this spring in Portugal and it was a great experience! I wanted to go out with the same group at first again to get ready for the Chicago Marathon I will run on October 12. But then I had the idea that altitude training might be beneficial, like seriously, every elite athlete out there is going to altitude! I have never done it - except for feeling crazy out of breath when I go running when we are at skiing holidays. I did little search and decided for Alpe di Siusi, because it is high enough (1 800 m above sea level) and it is not as far as Livigno and not as expensive as Switzerland :)

First realization before I left - checked the forecast ... it will be "little" colder at 1 800 m :D So I needed to pack little more gear, also given the 13 days of at least 2 phase trainings...

That is not even everything!

Can you see I am excited? I love driving my car and haven't gone far and fun for some time :)

Beautiful view on the "Schlern" ... the dominant of Alto Adige :)

Really beautiful ... little did I know that it was first day of nice weather since really long time ago.

I am staying in an apartment with a little kitchen that belongs to a hotel and I do have half board and also spa access included. Call this heaven! :)  Nutrition / workout plan is: fasted morning easy run, nice filling healthy breakfast (it's buffet), rest & little computer work, nap, little meal, afternoon run (usually harder session), refuel a little (hello Generation UCAN!), spa, enjoy dinner with occasional glass of wine (max 1.5 glass).

And then it was morning ... I went to bed at midnight, but was widely awake at 6 am, so I decided not to push myself to sleep more, especially since I can nap during the day :) Did little morning yoga, my pre-running activation exercise and before 7 am I was out there running ... cannot describe how beautiful and amazing that felt. I am very grateful I can be here and really enjoy it! Even though breathing and hills are little tough :)

I just like the decor of the bath room and the fact that it has been recently renovated.

Well, runner needs proper nutrition / supplementation, gear etc. :D As I drove by car I really took everything I need :) Even my 12 kg kettle bell!

Tiger colorful Nike Pro action :)

And great chillax after the second run today. 4x 2 km at harder effort followed by 10 x 60 m uphill strides... and espresso with a view!

Do you dedicate your holidays to running or do you take it as time off running?


  1. Barborka, vyzerá to tam parádne.
    Nech sa Ti príprava pred Chicagom vydarí!

    1. Díky moc Miro! Je tu krásně a dávám si pořádně do těla :) Jsem zvědavá, co to udělá po návratu do "nížin" :)