Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Live High Train Low ... Loving It!

Two blog posts in one day! I don't even remember when that happened for the last time :o But I am so excited with my afternoon training today and especially its location that I have to share it with you! :) I have been doing little research on the go as I arrived here as I do not have that much experience with the altitude training. Seems that one of the very common approaches is "live high - train low" and also high - high - low, meaning living high, doing easy and moderate sessions high and doing the toughest most challenging sessions low so you don't compromise the quality. This is also what The Coach suggested, he is some smart coach! :)

As I described in my previous post, there is the whole Alpe di Siusi Running Park with different tracks available. What is cool about it that it gives you idea of other places to run than what is just around your hotel etc. That is how I found out there is a short loop course around a lake down near the town of Völs. It is called Laghetto Huber Sprint and it is perfect 800 m flat loop on gravel surface with each 100 m marked, great to do your repeats! And the altitude is about 1 050 m above sea level, meaning almost 800 m drop from where I stay - perfect. It is about 30 minutes drive, I wasn't totally sure about going there, but now I am so glad I did!

Google map view from the track description

Beautiful scenery!

And I even got some sun after I finished my interval training and was playing around with auto shutter on my iPhone :)

Took out my We Run Prague 2014 runner / race number Nike tshirt :)

And back to the running and training, that's why we are here, right? The plan for this session was 2x 1 km (4:00-4:10 per km = 6:26-6:42 min/mile pace), 3 km super easy recovery, 2x 1 km again. The slower second set points out to me being tired - what a surprise! :D :D :D But overall I am so excited for this workout, the hard work pays off! :) You can check the Garmin activity here.

As there was 30 minute drive back up to Alpe di Siusi, I had my Generation UCAN with protein ready for post workout recovery. Fueling right after hard sessions is crucial for recovery and for being ready for your next workout!

And as I am upping the efforts and volume with this training camp I am back to Compexing for better recovery!


  1. nádherná příroda, to ti fakt závidím

    1. Musím říct, že je to bomba, naprosto předčilo očekávání :)

  2. wow!amazing! this route should be my favorite.. Good job, girl!

    1. Yep, seriously amazing!!! :) Thank you for your support :)