Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three A Day

Well there is a first time for everything and when The Coach planned three sessions for me in one day, I thought "how the hell am I going to fit those in?". Finally, it worked out quite well and made me very hungry :D

I woke up earlier than I wanted and used that as an advantage as the first part was approx. 14 km hilly fartlek. I planned to discover new part of the running trails...

This is how it looked at 6:45 am when I was leaving ... 

... but the sun came out very quickly and I got the pleasure of some amazing views again!

... played with the auto shutter again!

... well this is how the marked running track can also look like :) I was glad I could walk up :D

But again, it was so worth it! The horses giving me looks about what the hell I was doing there :D

... and coming back down...

Had breakfast, worked on my computer for some bit with legs up and finally after light snack went for a nap. Left for the 2nd workout around 2 pm ... 8x 300 m uphill - the purpose was to make my heart rate come up high, but did not work out that well :( still finished the workout with my legs smashed (I guess one part of the hill was probably too steep so I couldn't really run it?).

And I was glad to go to sauna and put my legs up and just relax! ... with Bě running magazine and Matcha Tea mixed up with nuun electrolytes :)

Got little more rest and left for little less than 7 miles of easy run pre-dinner. I took it really easy, discovered the right way to run one of the marked tracks again - again was so steep at some parts I had to walk (especially when keeping the run easy). Came back feeling accomplished and hungry :D

Total of the day - little over 18 miles, also did morning yoga and evening strength training.

... this was the killer dinner ... lot of veggies and protein, but OK I admit, it is LOT of food :D


  1. Úžasné prostredie! Tiež by sa mi tam páčilo :).
    Nech Ti nohy, srdce a pľúca dobre slúžia!

    1. Děkuju, děkuju, tělo se trochu vzpouzí, ale ta nádhera to přebíjí :)))

  2. Replies
    1. Dík moc! A připojuju se ke gratulaci, to musí být úžasný zážitek! :)

  3. Bežkyňa, gratulujem k absolvovaniu "Od Tatier k Dunaju" !