Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday (We Run Prague 2014) & Exciting Step Ahead

Photos from the We Run Prague 2014 have flooded Czech social media today :) So here I am with my little bit. I only got two and wouldn't share the second one as I have very strange everything on that photo, I just find it very funny how the guys looks at me :D :D :D What do you think he was thinking? I love the expression and it's funny that the photographer caught that moment :)

Funny, right?

I am also glad that the organizing agency finally corrected the results. I was stated in the result as a man even though I really stated my gender correctly in the registration process :) Friends started to comment on that right after the results were online and it took them several days to correct it. Even though I mentioned in the email that there were about 10 men listed as women ahead of me (in Czech language you can really easily tell by the name), they did not correct it at once. I emailed them back again and finally now the results were corrected, so I placed 462nd overall and 22nd female. I love number 2 (even though I prefer to win), so I take 22nd as a lucky number for the rest of my season :)))

From my Instagram

Last but not least, way more exciting: I ran a 1 km test yesterday with The Coach. I do the 1 km intervals at the same spot, it has a full stop turnaround at 500 m, but as I do it on the same place, we can measure the progress. The goal was 3:50 as I am tapering for the half marathon on Sunday and am well rested. My previous best was 3:57 but in full training. And I smashed it with 3:47!!! I wanted sub 3:45, but apparently, I need to learn to suffer more :)

Any tips on how to be able to suffer more for better gains / results? :)

What do you think the guy was thinking?


  1. Mam podobnou fotku z typkem, usoudila jsem, ze se mi snazi pohledem vybuchnout mozek, a Tobe take :-)

    1. Hi hi, to jsi mě pobavila :o) Ještě že nám to oběma dobře dopadlo! ;) (Myslím jako Tobě a mě, týpkové ať jsi běží po svým...)

  2. Fotka je sice funny...ale ten pán kouká úplně jinam než na tebe ....

    1. Mno jo no, nesmíš to brát tak vážně :) My se tady tím bavíme... Ať to běhá Michale! :)

  3. Best way "how to suffer" is to train it:-) So you should do some faster trainings/intervals as well. Good luck. Vasek