Friday, October 10, 2014


2 DAYS to Chicago Marathon 2014!!! Enough said, I am on the go now, as I am not adjusting my biological clock to US time to take that to my advantage - I will have 2:30 PM at the time of start, so my body should be ready to push hard and enjoy the city :)

This would be me at the Nike exhibit at Designblok 2014 ... aka imagine me waving you good bye before flying out :)

I started carbloading yesterday (Thursday
 :D Mango-banana "pudding" at the delicious Sweet Secret of Raw.

This is perfect honey package!!! Wanted to buy small dose of honey, but this is so much better for travel :) 

And now excuse me, I am off to some ZZZ as I did not sleep that well, so I hope to use the 10 hour flight to get some rest :)