Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Autumn Races & Running Gear

I have been little silent here on the blog, even though I have several drafted posts waiting for you. Life was really busy after coming back from the great training camp in Dolomites. And the last big training weeks kept me away from writing :) Today, I want to share my upcoming fall races with you and also how I have geared up for them :D

I have written it before, my "A" run this autumn and this year is the Chicago Marathon that is run on October 12 .. only 11 days to go!!! Crazy right? 11 days to go means that what I could have done was done and now it is time to taper. I am still doing lot of running, but not the crazy mileage of my peak weeks. Great news about Chicago: I have been assigned to the special starting corral of "American Development Program" (yes, it's mainly for Americans, but also some international runners are invited). That means that I will be starting with other runners in this program right after the elite runners! This puts lots of butterflies in my stomach! Will write more about my training and prep races in another post.

Second race that I will run while in the US is the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco!!! I expect this to be a lot of fun, I should meet up there with more bloggers and as you might have guessed from the name of the race - it's women only! I have also never been to the West coast of US, pretty exciting this trip :)

Now little photo story of gearing up for my US trip:

I have had these thights for quite some time, but I find they greatly match this beautiful turtleneck. It's pitty you cannot touch how cozy and smooth it is from inside. Perfect for the cold mornings! And fresh pair of Nike Pegasus 31 ... those have become my second staple for volume training together with LunarGlide 6.

New style of Nike Pro shorts ... I guess I will be visible enough :)

And how about this top? :)

This is probably my racing outfit for the two races in US ... although the tshirt is getting some print on.

Loving the combo, those shoes are not for running though :D

Black & white

And little flexing action :D

Those are the streetwear shoes :D I think I will pair them with black skinny jeans and the shiny turtleneck and call it daily wear sporty outfit :D

What are your races planned for this autumn?

Any tips for Chicago???

What is on your running gear wish list? :o)


  1. Replies
    1. Jsi zlatá! V neděli 12. 10. od 14:30 českého času budu potřebovat všechnu běžeckou energii :D Děkuju moc za podporu! Až se vrátím, tak vyrazíme na nějaký tréninkový běh v rámci Tvojí přípravy na maraton :)

  2. škoda že se z tohoto blogu stává komerční záležitost:-( ale chápu ..koho chleba....
    každopádně tfuj tfuj se zase o kousek posuneš, zasloužíš si to....;-)

    1. Michale to mě mrzí, že to tak vnímáš :( V Nike věcech běhám od jakživa a tohle je prostě dětinská radost z toho, že mi na stole přistála dávka nových oblečků - to my holky tak máme :) A je fakt, že si myslím, že dělají super kvalitní běžeckou výbavu, boty rozhodně nikomu nenutím, ty každému vyhovují jiné, ale oblečky jsou faktu super - kvalitní materiály i střihy.

      Ale ze všeho nejvíc děkuju za podporu do Chicaga, už se fakt těším :)

  3. Tak tenhle aspekt mně nenapadl:-D..njn holt pohled chlapa :-) sportuje v tom co má dokud se to "nerozpadne"
    (Nike je v pohodě, boty sice neobuju ...ale svršky, jsou jistě fajn mylsím že i já nějaký mám :-) )