Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paleo Event ... Great Deal On Great Books

Wanted to share with you great deal on great books about Paleo cooking, diet and lifestyle :)

I already own some of them and have bought almost all for the super deal of few bucks. You need to register at Buck Books - here is the link for this event :) 

And here are just few of the books you can buy - it's only available today!!! (November 25)

Disclaimer: the link to the event is an affiliate link, so if you decide to register, I get little commission so this way you support this blog and the information it brings to you :)

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Week Of Cross Training

Wow I didn't do that much bike / stationary bike since I don't remember when :D I have to admit, I am starting to resent it a little. Have to remind myself that I should be grateful for being able to continue to train! 139 miles (224 km) of bike trainer = 10hrs 15mins, surely feels like more. Best workout of the week was the Saturday swim.

Tak tolik ježdění na kole / cyklo trenažeru jsem snad v životě neabsolvovala :D Musím přiznat, že už mi to pěkně leze krkem. Takže si vždycky musím připomenout, že mám obrovské štěstí, že vůbec můžu trénovat! 224 km (139 mil) na trenažeru = 10 hodin a 15 minut tento týden, ale mám pocit, jako by to bylo mnohem víc. Nejlepší trénink ale bylo sobotní plavání.

This weekend was very physical ... I am trying to clean up one room in our basement to prepare it for my "home gym". So exciting! Means going through piles and piles of boxes, old stuff, unneeded stuff, but sometimes you find treasures - like those Starbucks mugs that were almost forgotten. The white one is the very first of my now 19 pieces collection! I surely can host a big tea party :)

Tento víkend byl fyzycky náročný ... mimo tréninku jsem hodně času strávila vyklízením jedné místnosti ve sklepě, kterou připravuju na přerod v domácí fitko. JUPÍ!!! To znamená projít nekonečné množství krabic, starých a nepotřebných věcí, občas ale narazím na poklad - například tyhle hrnečky ze Starbucks, na které už jsem málem zapomněla. Ten bílý vepředu je úplně první z mojí sbírky, která už má dneska 19 kousků! Uděláme velký čajový večírek? :)

Sunday brunch at Café Savoy with my dad!
Nedělní brunch s tatínkem v Café Savoy :)

Most of the Sunday was spent cheering for Czech Fed Cup Team! Feeling inspired to represent our tiny little country after seeing the girls rule the World team tennis competition :)

Většina neděle byla ve znamení fandění českému Fed Cupovému týmu! Když člověk vidí holky s přehledem vyhrát světovou týmovou tenisovou soutěž, je to velká inspirace k reprezentaci naší zemičky :)

And the weekend would not be complete without Sunday workout :) Do you guys know Nuun hydration? Full of electrolytes, no carbs, no calories. I love it. Ideal for the volume training at the beginning of season.

Víkend by nebyl úplný bez nedělního tréninku :) Znáte nápoje Nuun? Elektrolyty potřebné pro trénink ale bez cukrů a bez kalorií. Ideální pro objemovou přípravnou fázi.

A malý dotaz na závěr: vyhovuje anglicko-česká verze blogu? Moc prosím o Vaši zpětnou vazbu!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Swimming Never Felt So Great :o)

All the time on the bike trainer does not make my back and posture that happy. I have to admit, I have lot of admiration for all the cyclists and triathletes out there. Running feels so much more natural for me! Even though I had lot of physical activities planned for today (going through piles of boxes in our basement and moving things around...), I decided to start my day with an easy swim.

Was just talking with my friend about how I would love to swim freestyle effortlessly as I do easy runs. So I could use it as a shakeout workout after hard running / strength sessions. And today in the water something happened, I don't know how I did it, but it felt great. Before I was able to swim 25 to 50 meters freestyle and needed to catch my breath, did not feel comfortable at all. 

Today I felt better, I don't know how to describe it, but I felt smoother in the water. I decided to give it a try. I swam and had no big trouble doing 100 m! I was on a roll, so did few lengths of breast stroke and then did 200 m in one set and once again 200 m. The times were super slow and this read must be really funny for any swimmer, but I am so exited! I was thinking about some personal stuff as I usually do when running easy and I forgot I was swimming freestyle, I did not need to think about it!

My Garmin only split one length into 2 and once analyzed my freestyle as backstroke :) Not that bad!

This was such an uplifting experience! I am now really motivated to take some lessons to really improve. No, I am not thinking about plunging in triathlon world, I just want to have the feeling of effortless flowing through the water!

The morning dog walk and swimming were both done fasted as those were both easy efforts and this was my brunch: Paleo take on porridge. Grated zucchini pan fried in coconut oil, added chia seeds and two eggs. At the end added grated apple. The topping are pistachios, almonds and dried apricots. Yummy! Perfect mixture of carbs, protein and healthy fat to refuel and be ready for the beautiful day.

Did lot of moving and organizing in the basement and now I am writing this post half way through my 90 minute bike trainer session :)

Have a great weekend everyone! And please tell me about your workout / racing palace for this weekend?!

Homemade Mayonnaise

This is so simple and delicious, I don't do it so often, but I am simply amazed every time I do! The few occasions are usually: when I eat roasted liver, or fries (be it sweet potato, celery root or classical french fries) and / or with a home made burger :)

The store bought mayo is full of additives though because it needs to have a long shelf-life. Whereas the homemade version is high in fat, but if you know the ingredients and you keep the rest of the meal relatively low in fat, you can enjoy it every now and then.

Ingredients for the small jar shown in picture:

1 egg yolk (as fresh as possible and at room temperature)
little bit of fresh lemon juice (teaspoon or less)
1 tsp of dijon mustard
oil of your choice
Olive oil will give the mayo too much of its flavour and colour, I have settled with walnut or avocado oil or some other "nut-oil" that does not have an intense flavour. Walnut oil is my preference.
salt and pepper to taste
you can also add any herbs / seasoning if you want to go for little less traditional taste

How to make the mayo:
  1. Get a bowl, put in the egg yolk, the lemon juice and the mustard and whisk it up. (you can use mixer, but I whisk it up manually and it's totally OK)
  2. Pour little bit of oil in and whisk immediately.
  3. Keep pouring the oil in slowly and whisking with the other hand.
  4. Your mayo will thicken as you add more oil. It will also thicken as you will put it in the fridge, so don't overdo it on the oil ... if you do, the mixture will start to coagulate. You can still save your mayo by adding additional yolk, if you get to this phase :)
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste (and any additional seasoning you want).
  6. Put your mayo in resealable glass and store for 2-3 days in your fridge (keep in mind the raw egg yolk).
It is super easy, takes 5 minutes max to make and tastes 100 % better than the store bought options. Plus you know what is inside ... It tastes better when it has been sitting in the fridge for few hours or ideally overnight. But I usually don't think ahead and just make it fresh. Delicious even this way :)

And you fitness freaks, athletes, runners - don't be afraid of healthy fat. You actually need to eat fat in order to burn fat! So don't eliminate it from your diet, just choose the right ones - as nut oils, some fatty fish (salmon and tuna, sardines in olive oil), olive oil, avocado ...

Bon appétit! 

What are your weekend workout plans? 

Still bike trainer and swimming only for me :( The right foot is getting much better though! 

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Back To Business ... Lot Of Cycling For Now

I know I know you are waiting for the Chicago marathon review ... it will be up very soon. In the meantime you can head to Běhej.com where the first article about it was published :) (sorry, it's in Czech only).

When you get injured or sidelined and cannot do YOUR sport, it's sad and upsetting and you are angry, disappointed etc. Get your few days of sadness, eat some comforting food, but don't get stuck in there. There are usually other ways you can keep yourself fit, so you don't loose all your fitness until you can get to your "A" sport. I can't run now, so I comforted my upset feeling in the US and now am back to business = mainly indoor cycling and bit of swimming. Incorporating other activities in your training routine will also help you stay injury free in future! Apart from training, I am also taking time to relax and recover.

First week after US trip (Tuesday - Wednesday was travel back to Prague)

My physio had very tough time putting my spine and all the bones and muscles in my body back in decent balance ... walking on the hurting foot surely made me very disbalanced - that's the big danger of not treating your troubles and aches - you can create some much bigger problem. So be sure to get checked and heal your body!

Last week's training

90 minutes on bike trainer is mentally much tougher than running marathon ... at least for me :) It gets easier if I have proper distraction ... so did "long run" = 2 hrs ride on Sunday while watching the NYC marathon. Oh sweet memories ... and congratulations to all the runners, the weather was really tough! Meb and Kara are my big heroes :) And also congrats to Ryan Vail for top 10 finish! The best part was the relax weekend at Chateau with my girls :) Blog post coming up on it!

Funny story ... The MTB tires with big "pattern" on them that avoid you slipping in mud when you are cycling outdoors are very unsuitable for cycling on a bike trainer as it makes ton of noise. So I ordered totally sleek one to minimise the noise. Took mi two hours yesterday evening and help of a cycling pro over phone and then Mr. Google when I felt ashamed to ask again :D But the difference of almost no noise in comparison is totally worth it. This is the trainer I got if you were wondering, you might get it little cheaper elsewhere, but I needed same day pick up in Prague :) BTW ... insight from the cycling Pro - it does not matter if you buy one that costs 4 thousand CZK or 6. Unless you spend like 15, the "cheaper" ones are more or less the same and totally sufficient for "normal" amount of indoor cycling.

On the running note, I hope to ease into running in a week or so ... YAY! :) Can't wait to run, but don't want to rush it, I really want to heal my foot first.

Important update: I just realised this is the longest I have been without running since summer / autumn 2011 ... whoooaaaaa, scary! Hope to be back soon!