Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Back To Business ... Lot Of Cycling For Now

I know I know you are waiting for the Chicago marathon review ... it will be up very soon. In the meantime you can head to Bě where the first article about it was published :) (sorry, it's in Czech only).

When you get injured or sidelined and cannot do YOUR sport, it's sad and upsetting and you are angry, disappointed etc. Get your few days of sadness, eat some comforting food, but don't get stuck in there. There are usually other ways you can keep yourself fit, so you don't loose all your fitness until you can get to your "A" sport. I can't run now, so I comforted my upset feeling in the US and now am back to business = mainly indoor cycling and bit of swimming. Incorporating other activities in your training routine will also help you stay injury free in future! Apart from training, I am also taking time to relax and recover.

First week after US trip (Tuesday - Wednesday was travel back to Prague)

My physio had very tough time putting my spine and all the bones and muscles in my body back in decent balance ... walking on the hurting foot surely made me very disbalanced - that's the big danger of not treating your troubles and aches - you can create some much bigger problem. So be sure to get checked and heal your body!

Last week's training

90 minutes on bike trainer is mentally much tougher than running marathon ... at least for me :) It gets easier if I have proper distraction ... so did "long run" = 2 hrs ride on Sunday while watching the NYC marathon. Oh sweet memories ... and congratulations to all the runners, the weather was really tough! Meb and Kara are my big heroes :) And also congrats to Ryan Vail for top 10 finish! The best part was the relax weekend at Chateau with my girls :) Blog post coming up on it!

Funny story ... The MTB tires with big "pattern" on them that avoid you slipping in mud when you are cycling outdoors are very unsuitable for cycling on a bike trainer as it makes ton of noise. So I ordered totally sleek one to minimise the noise. Took mi two hours yesterday evening and help of a cycling pro over phone and then Mr. Google when I felt ashamed to ask again :D But the difference of almost no noise in comparison is totally worth it. This is the trainer I got if you were wondering, you might get it little cheaper elsewhere, but I needed same day pick up in Prague :) BTW ... insight from the cycling Pro - it does not matter if you buy one that costs 4 thousand CZK or 6. Unless you spend like 15, the "cheaper" ones are more or less the same and totally sufficient for "normal" amount of indoor cycling.

On the running note, I hope to ease into running in a week or so ... YAY! :) Can't wait to run, but don't want to rush it, I really want to heal my foot first.

Important update: I just realised this is the longest I have been without running since summer / autumn 2011 ... whoooaaaaa, scary! Hope to be back soon!

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