Saturday, November 08, 2014

Swimming Never Felt So Great :o)

All the time on the bike trainer does not make my back and posture that happy. I have to admit, I have lot of admiration for all the cyclists and triathletes out there. Running feels so much more natural for me! Even though I had lot of physical activities planned for today (going through piles of boxes in our basement and moving things around...), I decided to start my day with an easy swim.

Was just talking with my friend about how I would love to swim freestyle effortlessly as I do easy runs. So I could use it as a shakeout workout after hard running / strength sessions. And today in the water something happened, I don't know how I did it, but it felt great. Before I was able to swim 25 to 50 meters freestyle and needed to catch my breath, did not feel comfortable at all. 

Today I felt better, I don't know how to describe it, but I felt smoother in the water. I decided to give it a try. I swam and had no big trouble doing 100 m! I was on a roll, so did few lengths of breast stroke and then did 200 m in one set and once again 200 m. The times were super slow and this read must be really funny for any swimmer, but I am so exited! I was thinking about some personal stuff as I usually do when running easy and I forgot I was swimming freestyle, I did not need to think about it!

My Garmin only split one length into 2 and once analyzed my freestyle as backstroke :) Not that bad!

This was such an uplifting experience! I am now really motivated to take some lessons to really improve. No, I am not thinking about plunging in triathlon world, I just want to have the feeling of effortless flowing through the water!

The morning dog walk and swimming were both done fasted as those were both easy efforts and this was my brunch: Paleo take on porridge. Grated zucchini pan fried in coconut oil, added chia seeds and two eggs. At the end added grated apple. The topping are pistachios, almonds and dried apricots. Yummy! Perfect mixture of carbs, protein and healthy fat to refuel and be ready for the beautiful day.

Did lot of moving and organizing in the basement and now I am writing this post half way through my 90 minute bike trainer session :)

Have a great weekend everyone! And please tell me about your workout / racing palace for this weekend?!


  1. Pozor! Plavání se stává stejně návykovým jako běh :-) Jinak G.SW. mi zatím taky 1x zaměnily kraul za znak, ale to se dá asi pochopit..., jinak zatím bez chyby....Začal jsem "používat" intervaly třeba po 250m + 1min pauza, pak se mi to plave lépe a i na GC je to přehlednější...... Ať se daří!

    1. :D musím přiznat, že odjakživa, když jsem náhodou nemohla běhat, tak plavání pro mě přináší mnohem bližší pocity k běhu. Na kole jenom "splním" tréninkovou jednotku, ale plavání :) Jj, intervaly jsou super, já jsem to včera měla jako opravdu takový "výklus" formou plavání. Co se mi na těch hodinkách líbí je, že můžu "zapomenout" a prostě si myslet na co chci, úplně vypnout a na konci stejně vím, kolik a jak jsem naplavala (ano maličko control freak :D ... minimálně přes odtrénované jednotky). Ať to plave!!! :)

    2. Make sure you do NOT hold your breathe under water rather always be exhaling ... holding your breath when your face is in the water is what makes it feel very hard and opposite of effortless :)

    3. Thank you!!! Fortunately someone at elementary school swim sessions taught me how to breath out in the water ... but there are many other things I am doing wrong (had my first swim session on Friday!) :)