Friday, December 05, 2014

Flash Run ... Perfect Fartlek Session

Ehm, I am not really supposed to run hard yet, but I love tha flash pack collection so I didn't want to miss on the flash run special edition of Nike Running Club traning session.

Happy after the run :) Happy especially because I can run again!

First the Nike coaches (here Lenka & Bara from "Holky ve formě") 
told us about the game we were about to play.

There were 5 different spots in the park that were lighting up randomly - only first 15 runners arriving to the spot with lights got a point before it darkened again. Basically we were running casually around than sprinting to the spot when it was with lights on. Eg. perfect fartlek session (fartlek means play with speed ... Speed session but without any given rules, paces, time / distance intervals.) You can play with changing your paces as you wish, if you run with a friend you can take turns in who sets the pace and distance for next part, the number of possibilities has no limits and that is great about it. It is lot of fun and makes you work hard without the struggle of too structured workout. Makes running hard really enjoyable :)

Ready to go :)

Night selfie with FitVeronika :)

And to add some colour, you can see some delicious things I ate today:

Lunch for two @ La Finestra In Cucina.

Bad ass meal after the flash run: huge salad with cod liver, bit of cheese and pumpkin seeds.

Do you take care of your night visibility when running in dark???

You can check out more tips for running in winter in the latest issue of Sportmotiv magazine (sorry, it's Czech only).


  1. To je super nápad, takový trénink :-) a fotky taky krásný!

    1. Jo, jo, byla to fakt bomba! :) A člověk pak ani tolik nemyslí na to, že to nějak bolí a víc maká atd.