Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Training Log ... Week 49 (2014)

I am still in the off season / between seasons training, which suits well my recovering feet. I am very excited to report, that I can manage 3-4 runs per week. And the feet situation keeps improving while I am adding more training (= stress) for my feet and legs. 

I LOVE to run (photo by Jitka Sečková)

I have to admit that while I was doing lot of stationary bike and swimming, so my cardio is more or less OK and I did not loose that much fitness, my legs hurt after my runs! OK, I am used to that after race or hard training session, but not after medium to easy runs, which is happening right now :) It is funny how our bodies work. The break from running was really cool in one thing. I am falling in love with running even more now!

Here is my training log from last week, just to give you an idea. I do also lot of tiny exercise for my feet that I don't mark in there, because it's just few minutes and I am doing them while cleaning my teeth or working on computer like right now :) Expect a post on all the different techniques that can help lot of foot issues, especially plantar fasciitis.

My training log from the last week (click on photo for bigger view): 
training log by eVito

... as it is off season I have Sundays off, which is great luxury! I use it to work on other projects, like this blog and my home gym :-) The "race" on Wednesday was the Nike Flash Run, I wrote about last week.

How was your last week of training? Any races, exciting workouts?

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