Friday, March 20, 2015

Greetings from Portugal

Greetings from a training camp in Algarve, Portugal. I did this already last year, provided by the 209 events agency (Mike Gratton's - winner of London marathon in 1980s in 2:09!) and with great coaching of Nick Anderson, Tom Craggs and Bruce Tulloh.

Did a 5 km fun race in Falésia village and met with Czech triathlete there who happened to be a reader of my blog. And that was final kick in by b*tt :D I need to get back to my blog. When you get hurt and the training is not going great it is tought sometimes. I worked really hard to get back in the game after the troubles / injury before Chicago (the race recap is coming!). I rather share photos from the running camp here and talk about the issues later. Hope you are running great!

More about the workouts I did while in Portugal next week :)

Most important part of my equipment right now - custom made insoles for my running shoes to help with my feet issues (thanks to Studio zdravého obouvání).

Nice to have this office view during the stay here in Portugal :)

Going for high mileage and tough sessions requires proper recovery - dipping your legs in cold pool & Generation UCAN (with protein) for recovery!

And to speed up the recovery even more Compex to the rescue of sore muscles. Here multitasking by watching the Biathlon world championships in Finland :)

Love Matcha Tea <3

Beatuiful walks on the beach.

Compression gear by Royal Bay for recovery after the long run on Sunday last week.

Working hard on track - mid day heat ... Royal Bay Extreme Calf Sleeves to the rescue!

And again, immediate post workout recovery shake.

Another view form our room.

Barefoot run on the beach...

... with interesting view.

Great food to fuel all the running :)

5 km fun race ... happy with the pace given it was 3 x uphill-downhill loop.

Easy recovery run this morning on the beach during the Solar Eclipse 2015.

I LOVE to RUN <3


  1. Great to see you are back! Enjoy Portugal and I hope this time we will really get the comment about CH marathon. BTW did you write Prague's marathon 2014 recap? I could not find that. That is always pity when followers can not get a total picture. Hope your training is going well!

    1. Thank you! Working on those to publish them ASAP!

  2. Obdivuju Tvoji vytrvalost (tu bezeckou taky) a drzim palce, hlavne si to uzij! :)

    1. Děkuji moc Marti! :) Soustředění bylo supeeeer :)

  3. Že ta fotka jídla se mi zobrazila největší ;) ...

    Vítej zpět!!!

  4. Ja tady jenom sedim a tise zavidim :) I kdyz ted nam tady v Praze aspon taky sviti slunicko! Huraaa!

    1. Mno, tak trošku zasněžilo a už snad to sluníčko vydrží i tady :) V neděli se třeba potkáme ve Vídni!

  5. Fajn, ze stale makas a tesim se na nove bezecke reporty. Lucka

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  7. Dobré správy. Nech sa Ti darí!

  8. Ahoj, tréninkový kemp vypadá moc hezky. Doufám, že jsi pěkně natrénovala, ať ti to běhá na jarních závodech. Držím pěsti :-)