Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Weekend Cross Training ... My Toe In Colors

Few days late, but I am here to recap this Easter. Don't know how about your whereabouts, but in Prague, we had more of Christmas like Easter with proper snowfall on Monday several times during the day! Wooops :o) I have one main purpose of this post. I am grateful about what I have learnt during my marathon training journey so far. I am not obsessing about only running any more and I am way more proactive about what life throws at me.

About this colored little toe. Friday evening, after my progression run on the treadmill, getting my dinner ready and I simply kicked the sofa that has been there in the same spot for at least a year. I am not a person who would wine about aches, I would even say that my pain threshold is really high. For this one, I almost cried, I saw the worst, thinking about needing to choose different spring marathon. I iced it, then iced it some more and decided to give it a try next morning. After walk with the dogs I knew running wasn't an option for Saturday, fortunately I do have the bike trainer, so I simply alternated and did my easy tempo session (link to Garmin) on the bike.

Little toe status on Sunday morning:

Sunday is the long run day. For me it meant 80 minutes on the bike trainer, breakfast and 60 minutes of inline skating. Solid session in the books!

Beautiful weather for inline skating, still little too cold though!

I was wearing my San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher "hoodie" all weekend, love it! And I look way too serious :D

Easter Monday No. 1 ... from morning walk with the dogs.

Easter morning No. 2 ... crazy April weather!

Easter lunch according to Metabolic Balance®:
carrot-parsnip-ginger soup, 2 perfectly cooked eggs, rye bread 
... and an apple for dessert <3

Little toe status on Wednesday evening :)

What I wanted to say... I am extremely happy about knowing better how to handle such situations. Instead of passively waiting for my toe to get better, I figured out what other forms of training I can get in. I also finally ordered the belt for aqua jogging, so I am ready to do that next time I need (hopefully not too soon). 2 years ago it would simply mean 3 days without activity, now I am proactive and do what I can. The three days were not running specific, but I did not loose any fitness and my legs were actually pretty fresh for killer session on Wednesday with the coach (link to Garmin file).

Even though my training log changed colors little bit, there are no missed sessions!

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