Saturday, May 02, 2015

Vienna Marathon Relay Tune-Up

Variety of running races every weekend is literally unlimited. For the weekend of April 11-12, we have agreed back in 2014 to run a relay in Vienna marathon with our business partner, so we created eVito PreventaMed Team. 3 weeks out from Prague Marathon but just a relay was defitely OK. Turns out Vienna marathon relay is little particular as it is not the usual 3x 10 km + 12,195 km set up. In Vienna each runner has different distance to cover: 16.1 km, 5.7 km, 9.1 km and 11.295 km.

Even though I was the only girl on the team I got the 16 km bit as I was one of the two fastest runners. Turns out this was great opportunity to have hard tempo run with the benefit of race atmosphere making you push harder. I went into the race with absolutely no taper and after 2 weeks of cutting down my weight. Ran demanding tempo progression on Friday evening followed by fasted 15 km easy run on Saturday morning before we left by car to Vienna. Nutrition wise I ate more and more carbs on Saturday than the previous 2 weeks to have enough fuel for the race. 

Really cool being in the first wave :) And not stressing about running full marathon :D

Interesting on the course profile making it feel like the last 16 km of marathon was that the last 3 km of my part were slightly uphill... Not really hilly, but making you work quite hard trying to stick to your pace. The atmosphere was great though little less cheering and support on some spots of my part of the run, but I was just sticking to my plan. I am really happy I managed to go with no negative self talk, taking it in 1 km at time. I was feeling strong and wanted to push for faster pace at the and, but the slight incline meant that I worked harder (even my HR showed that - check it out at eVito blog), but that "only" made me stay at the pace. According to the official timing I finished my 16 km in 1:12:02 - from full training, I will take that! :o) Let's see how I can translate that to the Prague Marathon tomorrow :D

After handing over to Jirka, I continued on the course as the half marathon mark was just next to our hotel. I knew my nutrition would be enough for the 16 km, but after slowing down, I have to admit I was quite spent, but happy with my effort. Will have to be diligent with my nutrition on the marathon day!

More photos:

Running down the half marathon finish :)

Recovering like a champ - ice bath & Generation UCAN, more hard training to come!

Half marathon medal :)

Reward lunch at Plachutta's ... traditional meal made of delicious beef.

The only trouble was I could not finish it as my body was used to restricted amounts of food, too bad!

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