Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vltava Run 2015

Vltava Run was my first team relay race experience and boy did I get hooked!!! After the disappointment of Prague Marathon, this was a perfect opportunity to be happy about running and racing again. I ran as a member of the Run the World Beasts team ... prettty ambitious and fast bunch of runners. Quick photo report follows. We mmanaged to finish 8th out of 178 teams!!! Great  motivation for next year!

Running with the fast people means afternoon start, yay, beautiful weather! Let's do this!

Likee seriously we are gonna sleep here? It's just little cold :D

Mornning coffee relax!

Thanks to my employer, we had big SHERLOG van to use - pretty useful for relay race!

Relax before running our first leg.

Morning, 2nd leg of the race ... Jakub runs faster than the camera :)

I literally lived off UCAN during the race, not really time to stomach big meals. The UCAN snack bars are beyond amazing!!!

After my 2nd leg ... almost 8 km, rolling hills, 4:30 min/km (7:15 min/mile) average pace = happy me :)

Compex recovery for my foot between legs!

Total Royal Bay compression for recovery and better performance. My quads were smashed after 2 legs, so extreme quad sleeves saved me!

Pure Coco coconut water for hydration :)

Run the World Beasts: 6 of 11  team members - from left: Vojta, Jakub, Honza, Roman and Peter

Beautiful view of Slapy dam!

After my last leg, it was super hot and super hilly!

Finisher photo!!!

See you next year!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Olomouc Half Marathon 2015

There has been some time since I raced longer distance after the unsuccessful Prague Marathon on May 3... I hoped for another marathon attempt towards end of June / in July, but this is what happens when you get too distracted and life and work get in the way of your training :( As I really like the Olomouc Half Marathon, I decided I will go for this race experience. The race has been long sold out, but I managed to snap one of the charity spots last minute. Fortunately in the Czech Republc the charity spots are not as expensive as abroad, which is little sad I think with the popularity of running nowadays. I was wery happy to be running for "Středisko rané péče Olomouc" (Newborn Care Facility) -

Since the Prague marathon I got my legs smashed at the Vltava Run relay race and at two track meets from our 2nd league division :D Racing 5 000 m & 1 500 m last Saturday in Jihlava (June 13) and 3 000 m steeplechase (!!!) and 1 500 m two weeks before that in Prague. Let me say, the steeplechase experience was epic :D :D :D Man those things are huge and the water is deep! I will try to find some photos ... There was also lot of work in the mean time helping Czech Olympic Committee with the communication of the T-Mobile Olympic Day Run! I love this opportunity and experience - come and run with us on Wednesday June 24! ( - you can choose one of the 20 cities in Czech Republic or run anywhere through the Endomondo challenge - everything is available on the website :) ).

Since it is held in the summer, Olomouc half is traditionally ran in the evening, starting at 7 pm this year. I had the pleasure of being driven on Saturday morning by Katka from Royal Bay compression gear and I had my compression knee socks and thight compression sleeves on to keep my legs fresh for the 2,5 hrs drive :D

According to the weather forecast there were some possibilities of rain, but we got really lucky and it rained in the afternoon and then the sky cleared up but the teperature stayed perfect for running, Yay!

Two best Czech competitors - Jan Kreisinger and Jiří Homoláč pre-race sporting their Olympic Run t-shirts - do you want one? Sign in before Tuesday at :)

So about the race? I finished at 1:34:41 as 23rd woman overall, pretty decent even though I was hoping for better time, but I guess you cannot expect miracles when your training and you regime get disrupted :( Going back on track right this second! I had some performance tests done and we see huge spots of possible improvement, so I know what to work on, that is always good thing! I was little upset when I realized that personal best wasn't gonna happen, but I am glad I managed to continue and not slow down and get at least sub 1:35 time, even though that is not good time for me. As I said, time to work hard!

I took quick shower at the race facilities - I never used the option of the Hans Grohe shower trucks and I have to say it was pretty comfortable! Especially as I was among the first women and the elites had obviously their own facilities, it wasn't crowded at all, but I guess it got really crowded afterwards. After the quick shower I was searching for somewhere to eat and Katka who drove me to Olomouc went for burgers for lunch and I love me some burger and fries as post race treat! Yes, I DO eat burgers and fries, not very often, but every now and then :D And when I do, I get home made mayonnaise for my french fries :D

For the dinner I had the pleasure to be joined by the very sweet and beautiful Alžběta from Utíkej mami utíkej (Run mommy run) blog. We obviously got in touch online, but since she is from Ostrava (another city not that far from Olomouc, but very far from Prague), this was the first time we saw each other in person! She is super sweet!!! And rocked the race in 1:42:17, what a great performance for 2nd half marathon of her life. She managed this great time even after getting some stomach issues after taking a gel at km 14. So I immediately provided my last package of Generation UCAN for her to try, because seriously this is the best fuel, especially for half marathons where I only take it before the race and then only get water on the course - no stomach issues, no wall :)

Happy me, all in pink, with burger, fries, mayo and glass of wine :)

The place called "Denisova šest" (meaning address Denisova 6) was delicious even though we waited a bit for our orders, it was totally worth the wait! Can only recommend it!

Good food after race = happy runner :)

And the obligatory selfie ... little tired at 11:30 PM, but all pinky :D

What were your races this weekend?

What are your training / racing plans for this summer?

Monday, June 08, 2015

Finally Weekend at Home and Meet My Kickbike

Saturday: lazy morning, making errands at home and going for my 6x 1 km progression session when I felt like doing it = just after noon on really hot day. Luckily, I have this beautiful park with shadowed path with marked 100 m on trees :) Ideal for the repeats. Happy to have nailed my workout at 4:47 - 4:39 - 4:25 - 4:10 - 3:57 - 3:56. 

Love running here, my home "track".

Recovering with few stretches & Generation UCAN.

Little later after ice bath I treated myself to huge delicious salad while watching women's final at Roland Garros.

Sunday: easy 10 km run in the morning.
Egg drop soup after the run.

Followed by this beautiful treat: raw poppyseed cake (by Sweet Secret of Raw) with apple and pomegranate... And Nespresso :-)

Meet my new love: Twenty Flower Kickbike by Kostka ... Obviously it's pink <3

I helped pace friend for 10 km workout. Kickbiking is great addition to running! Expect to hear more soon :)

Another first of this weekend - cryotherapy! So far I am excited, seems to have more benefits than ice bath and it is much more comfortable.

Ended the day with my first Czech froyo experience at Frogurt. YUM! I wish they had non dairy option.

Hope you all had great weekend!