Monday, June 08, 2015

Finally Weekend at Home and Meet My Kickbike

Saturday: lazy morning, making errands at home and going for my 6x 1 km progression session when I felt like doing it = just after noon on really hot day. Luckily, I have this beautiful park with shadowed path with marked 100 m on trees :) Ideal for the repeats. Happy to have nailed my workout at 4:47 - 4:39 - 4:25 - 4:10 - 3:57 - 3:56. 

Love running here, my home "track".

Recovering with few stretches & Generation UCAN.

Little later after ice bath I treated myself to huge delicious salad while watching women's final at Roland Garros.

Sunday: easy 10 km run in the morning.
Egg drop soup after the run.

Followed by this beautiful treat: raw poppyseed cake (by Sweet Secret of Raw) with apple and pomegranate... And Nespresso :-)

Meet my new love: Twenty Flower Kickbike by Kostka ... Obviously it's pink <3

I helped pace friend for 10 km workout. Kickbiking is great addition to running! Expect to hear more soon :)

Another first of this weekend - cryotherapy! So far I am excited, seems to have more benefits than ice bath and it is much more comfortable.

Ended the day with my first Czech froyo experience at Frogurt. YUM! I wish they had non dairy option.

Hope you all had great weekend!


  1. cryo therapy is not for me.. I'm not so strong as you are .-)))) I tried it 2 years ago and it's "no" for me :-))) So I enjoy my ice baths...

    About Fogurt - same for me. Non dairy option would be great.

    1. :D well, I think it is lot about your head about the cryotherapy ... I really loved the effects - but the one in Modřany, I also tried the cheaper version in Radlice and I don't like that one too much :(