Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gigathlon 2015 Day 0

Greetings from Switzerland! We arrived this morning to take part in the here traditional race Gigathlon, it consists of swim, inline skating, road bike, mountain bike and run. I am taking part in the "Team of 5" which means every member has his/her own discipline. You have the discipline both Saturday and Sunday in more or less half ironman distance smile emoticon But there are also singles who do all the 5 disciplines on both days!!! And couples where there are 2 people, 1 has to be female and has to do at least 2 disciplines ... uffff, what an achievement! 

In Prague just before leaving on Thursday evening ... we arrived to Aarau on Friday morning.

Our team number is 1698 and you can follow us through the live tracking website.
(The Czech teams are: 1698, 1699, 1700 & 747 in couples)

We are here not only to compete, but also to promote the Gigathlon in Czech Republic, that will be held in September 2016 at Lipno Lake.

Selfie at the finish line - this is where I will be finishing the last leg of the race on Sunday!

Our team from left: Pája (road bike), Klárka (MTB), Petr (inline skating) & Petr (swimming) and myself as runner :)

Here expressively demonstrating our sports :D

The courageous ones: couple team with their support crew!

Gigathlon has accommodation included in your entry fee :)

Team & tent buddies :)

Pink nails!!!

Carb loading on fro yo :D

There are around 6 000 participants in this race all together all staying in those tents!

Afternoon stretch our legs jog with Honza who brought the idea of Gigathlon to the Czech Republic!

Beautiful sights!

Rehydrating with Chi coconut water from My Botanika

Start of the "prologue" race on Friday - introduction and honours to the single competitors who go through all the 5 disciplines on Saturday and Sunday!

We had some trouble getting our gluten free meal options, so we had to take selfie with our meals when we finally got them. No carbs before racing would be really bad and all the other options were pasta :(

Team Gigathlon Czech Republic 1

Life saver idea - they would borrow you external battery to charge your phone!

Petr getting his skates ready while giving inline skating advice to Zuzka :D :D :D


  1. Replies
    1. Was an amazing experience!!! And I still cannot understand how some athletes do it as singles or couples :D

  2. Drzim palce.. No to je zajimavy, kam vsude te to zaveje.. Vltava run, gigathlon:).. Co priste? MSF! 12:)

    1. Dííík, byla to pecka ... byste měli se Stínem vyzkoušet, nová výzva to dát celý sám :) ještě do půlky srpna mám takovýhle "povyražení" a pak už mě čeká zase cílená makačka na Frankfurt ;)