Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer Post Workout Smoothie

We are getting some crazy hight temperatures (for us) here in Czech Republic - reaching above 35 degrees Celsius. Our bodies are truly not used to it. It is tough to even stomach food, but it you train, you need to recover properly. I came up with this post workout smoothie - and the result was delicious and refreshing :)


1 banana
3 stems of celery (use any green of your choice - spinach, kale ... it is here only to pump up your daily veggie intake in very pleasant way, you won't even taste it)
Scoop of protein of your choice
CHI chocolate coconut milk

1. Blend everything in powerful blender / nutribullet or smoothie maker.
2. Enjoy :-)

Delicious Chi Chocolate Milk made of natural cocoa and coconut milk. Delicious!

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Review of more of the products coming soon!

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