Friday, September 25, 2015

Come Run With Us ... Gigathlon Running Training Camp

Well I know this is quite last moment, but if you don't have plans for next weekend, come join us for the Gigathlon running training camp! We will be staying in the Nymburk sports center that is used by many elite Czech athletes for their training camps and we will attend together the Run Tour final race at Ladronky in Prague (5 km or 10 km). The topic of the camp is race day preparation, tuning up your pre-race routine and many more. Check out the full information at the official Gigathlon website. Long story short, if you want to book or more details, you can also pop an email to


  1. oh no I'm not free for that weekend /school business/ :-( I would love to train with you girls. Next time... I hope you plan more of these....