Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Are You Top 4 Running? Running Shoes Shopping Guide

While I missed the grand opening of newest running store in Prague - Top 4 Running, I certainly couldn't pass on visiting the store! :D Great advantage is that they have very wide choice of running only collections of the big brands - Nike, & Asics. So anyone can choose! What is more, they have the latest and most advanced technology to analyze your foot strike and help you choose the right shoe for you. What is more, the girl helping me with my choice was track & field athlete (I think 400 m, 800 m & long jump???, sorry if I am wrong), so she really knew what she was talking about. Also they are one of the few places that do have pretty interesting selection of racing shoes that you cannot get in the "normal" Nike / adidas / Asics stores around Prague.

My new babies!

Exterior is simple, but wait for inside! :)

It's all about running here...

Yes, I am biased, I mainly go through the Nike section of the store obviously...

I hesitated between the new Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 and my traditional volume go to shoe Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 :D I really wanted to try the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, but the shoe felt little too wide overall, Pegasus would be tradition for me, but I just got one (in really cute grey color, pretty elegant!), so I went with the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 finally. As described bellow, I try to keep variety among models, so I prevent overuse and injuries.

BTW there is very cool whole new line of Track & Field Volt colors ... I didn't want any other style! (The leopards in photo are my NikeID Air Maxes :) )

Choosing your right running shoe?

Well this was tough decision for me to make, but finally I went with what I usually recommend to anyone asking me about the right choice for running shoes:
  • There is no one perfect running shoe brand for everyone, our feet and needs are different, we are individuals.
  • You have to love the feel of the shoe from the first moment, no big breaking in for running shoes.
  • Your running shoe should feel half size bigger compared to "normal" shoes - especially when you run half marathons, marathons or ultras, your feet will naturally get little swollen over the distance, so this will prevent many blisters and toenails falling off.
  • If you can afford it, build up to 2-3 different pairs of running shoes - this is great tip for injury prevention. I know, that Nike Lunar Glides and Pegasus are great for me for volume training, yet I bought another different type. If you switch among 2-3 pairs, the shoes will last you longer and you will employ slightly different muscles = injury prevention. You don't need to buy 3 pairs at once, just don't wait for the next pair until the current one is totally destroyed. Casually look for special offers, you can save some money when you don't "need" to buy the shoes immediately.
  • Budget tip: if you know your preferred models, you can usually get them for great prices at the end of season sales or when new models / styles are introduced. When you already know your sizing for the brand / model, you can safely order them over internet and get the best deals :)

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32


  1. I miss minimalistic Nike shoes so much. I cannot find them anywhere. Did you saw any of them there?

    1. They had some Nike Frees there ... I think the new training shoes are pretty minimalistic as well :)

  2. Still one width available on czech market ?

    1. In the real store yes, but I think you might order the different widths online... Hope this helps :)