Saturday, October 31, 2015

Autumn Kickbike Trip ... Joys Of Off Season

6 days after Frankfurt marathon 2015 (blog post coming) I have so far swam total of something over 4 km on several occasions, went to sauna twice and today the beautiful autumn weather simply called for going outdoors. As I want to switch up things and have mental and physical rest for my body from running, Saturday morning I took out my beautiful pink kickbike for a spin :)

At the turnaround point = 20 km mark, perfect weather for an easy paced trip.

Off Season Rest & Recovery

If you have been active from spring until late autumn, your body and mind definitely needs some rest. And it does not matter that you are not an elite athlete. You have put an important amount of stress on your body and mind and you need to recover now for a bit. One or two weeks might be enough, but you might need a full month. And remember: Don't be too hard on yourself, because nobody's perfect!

I am not suggesting that you lay on your couch for a full month (but those days definitely should have their spot in your off season program as well). But I can strongly recommend switching up things, trying new things you wanted, working on skills that are not related to your "main" sport. As I plan working on swimming. Or you can enjoy activities you like, but do not involve that much due to your tight training schedule. As I hope for a game of golf, if the weather still permits :)

Let me know what is your favorite off season activity in the comments. I love to be inspired!

At the beginning in Petřín gardens.

It was snowing beautifully colored autumn leaves <3

3 hour ride required motivational reward at the end: cashew-coconut raw yoghurt @ Sweet Secret of Raw ... YUM!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Frankfurt Marathon 2015 Quick Pre Race Note

In case you did not read my previous post, I haven't been in the best place in the last bit of Frankfurt marathon race prep. So here I am for once with different objective ... to enjoy the race and run the best I can today, but with no crazy ambitions. Thank you all for your support! Progress is never a straight line, there are many hiccups and ups and downs. I went down and I am looking forward to going up again.

Let's RUN Frankfurt!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Nobody's Perfect ... Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

I have a confession to make. I tend to do things harder for myself than they need to be. And then I am upset because I am not performing up to my own expectations. When I am upset it is harder to stick to healthy life routines that actually make me feel better. And the vicious circle is complete... I am doing bad choices, I feel worse and worse :( I am sure, or at least I hope you all know moments like this. So I have this new thing, I am trying not to be that hard on myself. I try to go with flow of life and enjoy it!

How does it translate to normal life? Thinking that treadmill miles are not as worthy as running outside had lead me to several undone workouts and really bad emotions... Feeling useless and unable to get the workout done at all? Yep, totally useless creating such a scheme! Long story short, every little step counts, every movement in the right direction counts. You want to go to bed early and you do not manage do that for every night of the week? Well, be happy for those nights you did and you shifted towards your better self. You will do little better next week again. 

Is your diet not perfect? Don't worry, unless you are a professional bikini / body building competitor, it does not have to be. Just try to do your best, search for healthy recipes that manage to satisfy your gourmet soul. Don't push yourself to eat the latest healthiest superfood, if you don't like the taste. I realized that those foods tend to stay forgotten in my fridge up to the moment they went bad :( and then I beat myself for wasting the food ... so I don't buy them anymore. 

Life Journey Is Never A Straight Curve Up

The journey is never a straight upward curve, it goes up and down, right and left. There are many hiccups. Don't think you are alone in it. Life is full of struggles. You know what they are good for? To make you truly appreciate when things go right. When you are struggling, remember those great moments, they will come gain. Live in the moment, enjoy the good things and don't beat yourself up when everything is not as great. Saving few of those mantras, or motivational quotes might be useful as well for those moments ;o)

Frankfurt Marathon 2015

Back to the confessions, I have done quite some of my trainings on treadmill in the autumn rainy days and I don't care. I am happy those runs are in, better than winging them and not having done them at all. And so what? I have also spent all day yesterday relaxing on the couch with my dogs watching movies. Frankfurt marathon is coming just in few days, Sunday 25th October! My goals have little adjusted, I want to race with all my heart and all I have in myself, while enjoying the race. We shall see what Frankfurt brings for me :) Can't wait to run on that red carpet on Sunday! (check out the Frankfurt marathon trailer)

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Improve Your Life (Almost) Immediately

I did not invent this, I have been applying this rule for few past weeks and it makes so much sense and makes you feel better about yourself. It simply makes your life better! That is why I decided, I definitely have to share this with you. 

I have stumbled upon this rule several times before, but I implemented it after reading about it on Becoming Minimalist. And then when I was listening to the podcast called Happier by Gretchen Rubin and heard about it in one of the first episodes, it reminded me about how much sense this makes and how it has been helpful lately for me. What is this rule?

1 Minute Rule

You can read about this rule a lot especially among minimalists, also people who try to be more organized and efficient use it often. It is super simple, if you have a task at hand that can be done in less than 1 minute (or you can set your own 2 minute rule), do it immediately. Don't let it pile in your mind or on your to-do list.

As simple as that. Our to-do lists tend to overflow and it is great you add things to keep yourself organized, but it can get really overwhelming and depressing when that list overgrows you. Basically this rule says that if the task is shorter than would be writing it on your to-do list, you should do it immediately. There are only very few occasions when you don't have that 1 minute.

Does the email require 1 sentence reply? Reply immediately and file or delete that email. Put the mug and bowl in your dishwasher immediately after the breakfast. Don't just throw your jacket over a chair, hang it in the closet. Create your own 1 minute tasks and I assure you, your life will be a bit better when you implement them in your day to day life. 

Now tell me, what are your secret tips for happier life? (Running being the obvious answer :D )

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Nebos ... Kiev Raw Vegan Restaurant Review

You might have seen on Facebook or Instagram that I have been to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Not much guessing needed, I came to run in Kyiv. Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2015 it was, I had the opportunity to see the backstage and the race itself and I ran the 10 km race as "my" autumn marathon is coming in three weeks in Frankfurt. I will come back to the race itself in another post, but today I wanted to share with you this little gem. Kyiv is certainly city full of contrasts. I also found a great raw / vegan restaurant I was amazed by! Called Nebos (more photos at VK, which seems to be some local sort of Facebook), "nebe" in Czech means sky or heaven, so this place certainly is heaven for me :D

My TripAdvisor review:

Heavenly place not only for vegans

Thank you Trip Advisor for pointing me towards this place. Totally affordable and what is more, really delicious raw / vegan food and not only for vegans. I had falafel-cherry tomato burritos and napoleon cake (raw take on a traditional Ukrainian cake). Both simply amazing deliciousness. Mineral water served automatically free of charge, free wifi, very helpful, caring (not that usual in Ukraine) and English speaking staff. Can only recommend! (BTW the restaurant is just around the corner from the main Independence Square - Maidan of Kyiv)

Burrito with falafel and cherry tomatoes

Raw take on "Napoleon cake" ... Napoleon is traditional cake in Ukraine, unfortunately I never tasted the original version. The raw option was delicious though!

Pancakes with banana and chocolate ... you can never go wrong with those!
And yes I ate a lot, but it was 3 pm and I only had UCAN before the race and nothing after until now :)

So good I came for seconds!

I don't usually do this, but I was so amazed by the delicious creations of Nebos, that I went in for second time in the same day (I was leaving later that night) and got take away to my hotel room. The food was as delicious as on my first visit, only wrapped up to go. 

Raw dinner to go <3

"Open Cheese Pie" as they call this, I would call it raw take on Quiche :) 
Mainly based on cashew nuts, but also lot of veggies.

Surprisingly delicious salad.

I think this was raspberry cheese cake, what I know is that it was delicious!