Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Improve Your Life (Almost) Immediately

I did not invent this, I have been applying this rule for few past weeks and it makes so much sense and makes you feel better about yourself. It simply makes your life better! That is why I decided, I definitely have to share this with you. 

I have stumbled upon this rule several times before, but I implemented it after reading about it on Becoming Minimalist. And then when I was listening to the podcast called Happier by Gretchen Rubin and heard about it in one of the first episodes, it reminded me about how much sense this makes and how it has been helpful lately for me. What is this rule?

1 Minute Rule

You can read about this rule a lot especially among minimalists, also people who try to be more organized and efficient use it often. It is super simple, if you have a task at hand that can be done in less than 1 minute (or you can set your own 2 minute rule), do it immediately. Don't let it pile in your mind or on your to-do list.

As simple as that. Our to-do lists tend to overflow and it is great you add things to keep yourself organized, but it can get really overwhelming and depressing when that list overgrows you. Basically this rule says that if the task is shorter than would be writing it on your to-do list, you should do it immediately. There are only very few occasions when you don't have that 1 minute.

Does the email require 1 sentence reply? Reply immediately and file or delete that email. Put the mug and bowl in your dishwasher immediately after the breakfast. Don't just throw your jacket over a chair, hang it in the closet. Create your own 1 minute tasks and I assure you, your life will be a bit better when you implement them in your day to day life. 

Now tell me, what are your secret tips for happier life? (Running being the obvious answer :D )


  1. agree! deeply. I do it this way and cannot understand why somebody post-late answer (for example) to that e-mail.

    My boss do it and goss I hate it! If I need just one signature from him (on document that he already approved)... he can post-open it a WEEK! I'm crazy from this :-))))

    1. Well I cannot be that strict myself with the email as I sometimes make the same mistake and do not reply. But I am working on it! :D

  2. To je super pravidlo. Chtěla jsem to hned aplikovat a napsat tento komentář, který trvá asi dvě minuty, ale přišel Viki, že má žízeň a Peťula zrovna vylezl na kuchyňskou linku, takže jsem to musela odložit :-D A píšu až o tři hodiny později :-) No a kromě běhání je parádní surfování a dobré jídlo :-D

    1. :D to jsi mě pobavila! To víš, s faktorem manžel & děti já zatím nemám zkušenosti, chápu, že to musí být mnohem větší výzva!