Monday, October 19, 2015

Nobody's Perfect ... Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

I have a confession to make. I tend to do things harder for myself than they need to be. And then I am upset because I am not performing up to my own expectations. When I am upset it is harder to stick to healthy life routines that actually make me feel better. And the vicious circle is complete... I am doing bad choices, I feel worse and worse :( I am sure, or at least I hope you all know moments like this. So I have this new thing, I am trying not to be that hard on myself. I try to go with flow of life and enjoy it!

How does it translate to normal life? Thinking that treadmill miles are not as worthy as running outside had lead me to several undone workouts and really bad emotions... Feeling useless and unable to get the workout done at all? Yep, totally useless creating such a scheme! Long story short, every little step counts, every movement in the right direction counts. You want to go to bed early and you do not manage do that for every night of the week? Well, be happy for those nights you did and you shifted towards your better self. You will do little better next week again. 

Is your diet not perfect? Don't worry, unless you are a professional bikini / body building competitor, it does not have to be. Just try to do your best, search for healthy recipes that manage to satisfy your gourmet soul. Don't push yourself to eat the latest healthiest superfood, if you don't like the taste. I realized that those foods tend to stay forgotten in my fridge up to the moment they went bad :( and then I beat myself for wasting the food ... so I don't buy them anymore. 

Life Journey Is Never A Straight Curve Up

The journey is never a straight upward curve, it goes up and down, right and left. There are many hiccups. Don't think you are alone in it. Life is full of struggles. You know what they are good for? To make you truly appreciate when things go right. When you are struggling, remember those great moments, they will come gain. Live in the moment, enjoy the good things and don't beat yourself up when everything is not as great. Saving few of those mantras, or motivational quotes might be useful as well for those moments ;o)

Frankfurt Marathon 2015

Back to the confessions, I have done quite some of my trainings on treadmill in the autumn rainy days and I don't care. I am happy those runs are in, better than winging them and not having done them at all. And so what? I have also spent all day yesterday relaxing on the couch with my dogs watching movies. Frankfurt marathon is coming just in few days, Sunday 25th October! My goals have little adjusted, I want to race with all my heart and all I have in myself, while enjoying the race. We shall see what Frankfurt brings for me :) Can't wait to run on that red carpet on Sunday! (check out the Frankfurt marathon trailer)


  1. what a great article! this should be printed in every gym!!

  2. Baru skvělý článek!!! Nedávno jsem přemýšlela o něčem podobném, pořád jsem na sebe tvrdá. Třeba jsem vyhrála závod a říkala jsem si no jo, ale nebyly tam ty nejlepší závodnice a stejně to byl malý závod... A pak jsem si takové myšlenky zakázala, protože no a co, byla jsem ten den nejlepší, tak si to užiju. Stejně budu běhat dál, protože mě to baví a nebudu si podobnými úvahami komplikovat život :-)

    1. Děkuju za komentář a za podporu! Takže si koukej pořádně užít pocit z vítězství :)

  3. Trvalo mi to, ale asi jsem se naucila kompletne poslouchat sve telo. Takze kdyz rekne, tak si nic nevycitam. Proste to nejde, tak to nejde - o to lip to pujde priste. Tim, jak vsechno delam tak nejak pro radost, jsem vlastne porad jen prekvapena, co vsechno zvladne. Jako taky mam sve momenty, kdy jsem nastvana, ze me telo neposloucha, ale s tim clovek moc nenadela, takze se to ucim akceptovat :) Drzim palce do Frankfurtu!

    1. Mas holt naskok :) Ja na tom musim jeste zamakat ... a dik moc, tesim se na ten cerveny koberec v cili :)))

  4. Mno, ja tohle znam taky dobre!
    Porad mam pocit, ze bych mela neco delat lip a mela bych toho delat vic!
    Tenhle vikend jsem se na vsehno vykaslala... zrusila jsem plany a nejela na Spartan race do Berlina a nechala propadnout startovny a proste jsem se FLAKALA :)