Saturday, October 31, 2015

Autumn Kickbike Trip ... Joys Of Off Season

6 days after Frankfurt marathon 2015 (blog post coming) I have so far swam total of something over 4 km on several occasions, went to sauna twice and today the beautiful autumn weather simply called for going outdoors. As I want to switch up things and have mental and physical rest for my body from running, Saturday morning I took out my beautiful pink kickbike for a spin :)

At the turnaround point = 20 km mark, perfect weather for an easy paced trip.

Off Season Rest & Recovery

If you have been active from spring until late autumn, your body and mind definitely needs some rest. And it does not matter that you are not an elite athlete. You have put an important amount of stress on your body and mind and you need to recover now for a bit. One or two weeks might be enough, but you might need a full month. And remember: Don't be too hard on yourself, because nobody's perfect!

I am not suggesting that you lay on your couch for a full month (but those days definitely should have their spot in your off season program as well). But I can strongly recommend switching up things, trying new things you wanted, working on skills that are not related to your "main" sport. As I plan working on swimming. Or you can enjoy activities you like, but do not involve that much due to your tight training schedule. As I hope for a game of golf, if the weather still permits :)

Let me know what is your favorite off season activity in the comments. I love to be inspired!

At the beginning in Petřín gardens.

It was snowing beautifully colored autumn leaves <3

3 hour ride required motivational reward at the end: cashew-coconut raw yoghurt @ Sweet Secret of Raw ... YUM!


  1. Moc tě asi neinspiruju, protože ty aktivity mám podobné jako ty :-) Baví mě kolo, plavání, jóga, chození po horách, surfování. Na wish listu mám golf, který je ale pro mě dost časově náročný, takže čekám, až kluci budou větší a budu mít víc času. A ráda bych se zlepšila v tenisu, ale to je taky takový sen do budoucna. A v zimě lyže, běžky a telemarky. A stejně nejvíc běhám, protože se to nejlíp kombinuje s rodinou a dětmi :-D

    1. Golf je super, ale chápu, že obzvlášť s dětmi je to časově dost náročné :-) Jůůů, Ty jezdíš na telemarku? To je pecka! Další věc, co máme společnou! (teda bohužel nemám svoje vybavení, ale je to super .... to je makačka na nohy!)

  2. Ja prochazkuju o sto sest... dneska jsme usli peknych 20 kilaku a bylo to BAAAAJO!
    No a taky prochazkuju po kavarnickach s kamaradkama :)

    1. No vidíš, to si musím přidat jako mimosezóní sport, kavárničky s kamarádkama jsou důležité :)

  3. Great advice to mix things up in the off season. That's some cool pink foot/kickbike Barbora. I'm following La Trottineuse on the EuroVelo. She rides a Kickbike Sport G4 in her Europe Tour for charity and promote the simple life and alternative transportation.
    I picked up a City G4 and really like gliding while kicking. I feel footbiking has strengthened my core and taken years off because it works each leg with balance and coordination. I take it out on hard surfaces like concrete and trails at night where I can't see every rock and root trying to trip me. My Kickbike is a nice option to have handy.