Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hellozero Training For Koloběh 2015

#hellozero is really cool site and project, my colleague Radko is co-managing. It's purpose is simple, make people move more. Like hello zero, let's do this! I have been working at Rockaway only since beginning of September, but I love that my colleagues have more or less very close level of positive craziness (and that should be a compliment :D ). Check out more about Rockaway Capital here. So my colleague Radko was great candidate to do the crazy Koloběh race (it literally means bike-run), e.g. girl, guy and a bike, almost 50 km to cover in the fastest possible time. Radko being very enthusiastic motivated me to do a training session on the actual race course. Mhm, I knew it was not the best idea to start running after 12 days off after Frankfurt marathon with this training session, but it happened this way. :D

Saturday morning 5:30 am wake up call is little brutal :D

Ready to go, UCAN snack bars for nutrition, matcha tea & my beloved Garmin fénix 3 <3

Ready to rock'n'roll ... or at least run & bike!

Great feature of the advanced Garmin watches - you can upload a course to the watch and it will navigate you. Already used it in the summer and loving it, it is actually very easy to follow even without the map, just arrow on the screen and you can see the turns...

Radko is really fast runner, need to do some training until our race!

The race course is gorgeous!

Having fun :)

One tiny and two bigger uphills on the course, this is not the full course.

We finished after 34 km, because of Radko's hamstring issues. It's better to play it safe and not push too much in training, so we are ready for the race!

I think you can guess when I was running ;)

I refueled when I got home, took a bath and fell asleep immediately. When I woke up, I knew this was gonna hurt. I wanted to take it easy on the run, but it is really motivating having the bike with you to go fast, so the biker does not need to wait that much. Fast running after 12 days off + hard uphill effort on bike = very sore legs! So I pushed myself to go for an easy swim and sauna in the afternoon. Well, I cannot imagine how I would feel without that, because I could barely walk on Sunday and Monday :D :D :D

Saturday was very long as I went to see one of the two concerts Madonna had in Prague, it finished around midnight ... long day, great emotions and memories!

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