Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Why I Did Not Run Salomon Trail Running Cup 2015 Final?

Hello there my friends, this is little off topic, but I feel the need to clear something out. I never actually signed up for the STRC 2015 final (STRC = Salomon Trail Running Cup) aka. "Běh přes motolské jamky", nor was I officially invited by the organizers or anybody.

Why I am writing this? Because when my friends asked me about cheering for me on Sunday morning and some more mentions came in, I was wondering why was that when I never ran the race before not did I intend to participate. I am in the after season recovery mode. How was I surprised when I found that information about my participation was published in blog post from October 22, on the race's website. I assume that someone from the organization mistook me for Barča Nekolová from Holky ve formě, who placed on podium in most of the STRC 2015 races. I am flattered, Barča is really fast and I would kill for her achievements, but nope, that was not me.

I was surprised when I got an information about free registration to the race two days prior the raceI:

I immediately wrote back:

No reply from there :( I left it there because I knew I did not want to run, I had cross training and fun on my mind for the weekend (aka the kick bike trip from my previous post :) ).

When I started to get more and more questions and people telling me that the speaker at the race actually spoke about me before the start I got really confused and that is when I found out about the blog post on the STRC website. I didn't like that it made me look like someone who promised to participate and then did not show up. I messaged the STRC on Facebook, but unfortunately got no answer until today (which is Tuesday, two days later).

Please be aware that this is not mistake of Salomon, whose products I love to use for trail running and winter sports. The STRC race series are actually organized by an agency. Well I hope they get better next year or Salomon chooses someone else for the organization.

Don't wanna be all negative, so please let me know in the comments how were your weekend races and / or workouts? 


  1. no tak se poser, pořadatel ti omylem poslal startovné zdarma, mohlas to prostě s díky odmítnout, jenže to bys nesměla být tak neskutečně samolibá... netuším kde se ta samolibost bere, zatím si nedokázala víc než směšná velkohubá prohlášení o budoucích úspěších, ke kterým, pochopitelně, nikdy ani dílem nedošlo, fakt zoufalý, tohle to

    1. Ráda bych bývala s díky odmítla, ale od pořadatelů mi nepřišla žádná informace, to mě na tom mrzelo. Bohužel to pak vypadalo, že jsem se na ten závod vykašlala a to mě právě mrzelo. Nechci se tady v tom patlat do detailu, ale klidně napiš na barborkas(zavinac)me.com