Thursday, November 05, 2015

Sweet Rawmance ... Sladká Rawmance

Yumminess in glass happened today for breakfast! Raw yoghurt with pomegranate apple seeds from the fresh new Sweet Rawmance cookbook (it is in Czech only, original name is Sladká Rawmance), that was just revealed today!

Happiness in a jar <3

Raw Food

What is raw food anyway? Raw food is vegan way of eating (no animal products, no grains, do dairy...) taken step further, so anything cannot be processed by more than 42 degrees Celsius. Meaning the process includes lot of mixing, drying, combining of fruits and nuts (for the sweet creations, and obviously veggies for the savory ones) and suitable spices.

I was super lucky to get my hands on the cookbook yesterday, so I could give you my dear readers one of the very first feedbacks!

And this is already from the event itself, obviously taking place at Sweet Secret of Raw ... eating delicious pear pie while blogging for you.

The Book

And here comes the book! It covers cakes, cupcakes & small desserts, breakfasts, ice creams and chocolate(!). In the introduction you will also get great guide to common troubles, ways of making nut milks, how to proceed with different kinds of kitchen appliances and what is useful for what. Like even if you never hear of raw food, you will be able to make this work in a bit. Great job done here.

Cute little Lola (the dog) is your guide with funny remarks throughout the book.

The format of book is beautiful, gorgeous photography an styling on one page and ingredients, needed machines & instructions on the other. You can download also 3 free recipes from their website.

First Sweet Raw Recipe Testing

Well, I was little time pressured and also did not have an occasion for the big cake, so I decided to try two of the breakfast recipes. In the evening I started making the coconut granola with raisins and vanilla and morning obviously called for raw yoghurt.

Raw Yoghurt

... is one of my favorite breakfasts I would get at Sweet Secret of Raw, so that was on the menu this morning. I let the cashews soak for an hour or saw (morning yoga, dog walk, shower etc.) and then was ready to eat in 5 minutes. I recommend to downsize the recipe if it is just for you or for two people.

Coconut Granola With Raisins And Vanilla

This recipe will take little more time and does not provide immediate gratification as you need to let the granola dry. But it is totally worth it as it will create bigger batch of raw granola that will last up to month in air tight container :o) Mine is still in making, so I will update this with the final picture.

Good mixer is a must here!

I don't have a dryer machine, so I used my oven instead, luckily it has the relatively low temperature settings available :)

Granola after few hours, when you can break it in pieces and speed up the drying process.

I would definitely recommend both of raw cookbooks available at Will make a great Christmas gift! The savory raw food might not be for everyone, but the sweet will please anybody. My grandma, who never heard of the concept loved the cakes. And all the desserts are healthier option to conventional sweets.

Bon appetit!

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