Friday, March 11, 2016

When out of shape, call friends to action

Long time no see, right? Well it seems I went through a state of overtraining last fall and I have been slowly getting back. I am definitely not as lean as I am used to and I am out of shape. Not a mentally easy state. But I got a huge help I am so excited for that I want to share it with you.

It started in December when Babeta brought the idea of Advent Running from UK to Prague. I participated virtually by exercising almost every of 25 advent days and we finally met in person on December 25 for a special xmas run...

Fortunately, Babeta had the idea that it would be a pity not to continue working with the group of enthusiasts. So now, we have a run for breakfast every Wednesday morning and an evening fun run for beer every other Thursday.

The route we run is same every week and it is beautiful sightseeing through the historic heart of Prague. Running over the Charle's Bridge every week when it is not yet crowded by tourists is simply awesome!!!

Though the group I made great new friends like Tereza and Lenka here... And even motivated myself to go out racing in the Winter Run, which I definitely wouldn't do by myself when out of shape.

This beautiful view never gets old <3

What I wanted to say? When struggling with motivation, bad mood, hitting a rock bottom... Group of running / exercise friends is a great way to get back on track. It is soothing to your soul to have company in misery. And soon it is way less misery and way more fun!!!

If you are hooked to my Facebook and / or Instagram, you probably saw that I have been doing lot of cycling and swimming lately. That's because I'm getting ready for the challenge of Gigathlon Czech Republic this coming fall. An article about this year's racing plans coming soon... Last but not least, early bird cheapest entry fees for Gigathlon Czech Republic are valid until March 31 - sign up here! (Check out more on Gigathlon in older posts)