Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Busy 3rd Advent Weekend

The third advent weekend was so busy, that I have been recovering from it for half of the week :D You know why? Because we are fully in our Advent Running challenge, you can read more about it in my previous post or at Babeta's blog. Basically from December 1 all the way through December 25 we run at least 30 minutes every day. I was appointed CEO (Chief Elf Officer) and therefore I have many responsibilities which I love, like leading our group on a Saturday long run through Prague parks ...

First synchronized jumping photo at Letná monument (after first hill / stairs)

Jump No. 2 in Břevnov Monastery after another very long hill.

Finally jumping in the shape of star at Hvězda 
(hvězda means star in Czech = the building behind us)

I was very happy with this 18 km run, the weather was perfect and for some of our crew this was first time going this far and everyone managed it great!!! First long run for me since Dresden half in October, yay, new training cycle is definitely here. Little relax in the bath and I was off for second shift = baking xmas pastries with my girlfriends and two talented helpers. Turns out it took us 8 hours from 2 pm till 10 pm! I have to admit I was pretty beat up when I came back home. On the other hand feeling proud as this was first time ever baking for xmas on my own not being supervised by my mom :) Still using her recipes and asking for occasional advice over phone ... can't get too independent at the age of 32 right? :D

I think wine is necessary equipment for xmas baking :D

Especially proud of these! Not easy to shape them right.

Sunday ... no time to sleep in, we have another running meet up at 9 am and I had to walk the dogs before. I was really happy we ran very slow and only 5.5 km. That's why I kept emphasizing the importance of taking it easy - in order to take it easy for me ... But honestly, if you are not used to running every day and try such a challenge, don't overdo it, stick to the basic 30 minutes with occasional longer run and be sure to keep the intensity very easy for most of the runs.

Advent running crew!

Who knew I was a pin up girl?

Less than one hour to shower and change and I was up for pin up day with the Elegantní Česko (Elegant Czech). Pin up girls originated in 1950s mainly in the US and the name is derived because men used to pin up the posters with cute girls... It seems I was born for this :D

When the hair stylist chose pink scarf for my hair, I knew I liked her!

Girls having fun!

More elegant option, switching pink to red ...

You think this was enough? Quick sprint home, back to town to have dinner with the girls at Ambiente Brasiliero ... need to refill the iron in my blood stream after all that running, right? Picanha and beef neck are the best ... YUM!

Still not enough ... as I managed to get tickets to long time sold out concert of my favorite band Chinaski <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

We have this intimate relationship for 20 years now :D

And the final Advent weekend is ahead of us! I promised to myself to take it little easier on myself, so I am not totally exhausted by Monday. On the other hand there is 20 km run planned for Saturday and a xmas race on Saturday evening... but we will be taking it easy :)

What are your plans for this weekend?

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