Sunday, April 09, 2017

Will Pay Off In Africa (Two Oceans Utramarathon 2017)

What's with the crazy hash tag #willpayoffinafrica that I have been adding to all the training posts since autumn / winter? The thing is that my dear friend Babeta got the great idea that we should run the most beautiful marathon in the world aka Two Oceans Marathon. To be exact, it's actually an ultramarathon as it goes beyond the marathon distance of 42.2 km - 56 km and 1 500 m of elevation. There is one little catch ... Babeta got pregnant after we signed up for the race! And while it seems to be reasonable to keep on running during pregnancy if you can, it is surely not a good idea to run an ultra in your 6th month. Fortunately, Babeta also motivated Ivana, so we were 3 of us signed up for the race and therefore there are still two of us not pregnant left to run the race :)


The beauty of running while it's an individual sport is the way it connects people. And few months and countless km running and cross country skiing later I have a new friend Ivana for whom I'm just now waiting at the airport in Johannesburg to begin our adventure together. Will try to keep you posted, more frequent posts can be definitely found on my Instagram and Facebook.  

What is ahead of us? Little sight seeing and touristing in the beautiful country of Lesotho, travel back to Cape Town, where we run the race on Saturday April 15 and after few days in the vineyards ❤️


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  1. Ještěže jsem vás přemluvila obě... Jinak bys mě asi nesnášela :)))