Welcome to my amateur runner’s blog. While becoming enthusiastic about running, I realized that there is lot of knowledge necessary in order to enjoy the most of your running, prevent injuries and stay healthy. This blog was created in order to help other running beginners & enthusiasts and share our everyday troubles and little victories. 

Apart from running, I love good food, photography, my two dogs Bourbon & Butch and most of all my friends and family. So these will definitely pop up in this blog as well. And PINK, lots of PINK :o)

2015 update: If I am counting right, I have completed 8 marathons and have one DNF from this spring (Prague), Frankfurt being just ahead of me on October 25. So far my best marathon was in Prague 2014: 3:11:46. That sub 3 is still waiting for me out there! I have been through my share of injuries (like last year before Chicago marathon - trouble with arches on my feet).

2012 update: NYC marathon successfully completed at 4:02:43, you can read my race report here. I am still training with The Coach to our mutual happiness. So far, I improved my 10k PR twice this season and am looking on how will I do in the Prague half marathon and also the Prague International Marathon this spring. I would love to try some short triatlon this year and do another marathon in fall, hopefully going for the Boston qualifying time in one of the two marathons I will do :)

2011 update: I have so far finished five half-marathons and now my ultimate goal is to finish full NYC marathon this November. My marathon training will be the main topic for this season :) Hope you will enjoy it.


  1. Hi Baru,
    I suport you every day with feeling, with pinky feeling..you are the best, best pinky runing girl

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  3. Congratulations on the 8 marathons - very impressive!