Best Reasons to Run

Just to be clear, these are not the general best reasons to run, these are best reasons to run for me and I hope you might find yours among them or find them inspirational to start running. Do not hesitate to share your suggestions!

Reasons why to start (and keep) running

  • Because the endorphines are so addictive! (endorphines = hormones of the happiness that are produced among others during physical activity)
  • Because once you get at least little regular runs in your routine, you can improve so fast. (at least at the beginning)
  • Because it is affordable way to get exercise and be healthy. You really need a pair of good shoes and that's it. All the extra gadgets, special clothing etc. are only nice accessories, but not at all necessary. You just need to lace up your shoes and get going!
  • Because I can wear those tiny shorts and heels while getting all the comments for my beautiful legs :) 
  • Because it is not always easy to motivate yourself for the run, but it feels so good once you started and even better after you finished your run.
  • Because even though running is an individual sport, there is a whole community of great people around it. No better common theme than sharing a passion for running

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